The Dolomites (again), 2021 Adventure (7)

Last Updated on: May 27, 2023

The Dolomites, or The Dolomite Mountains, are located in the northeast of Italy. They form a part of the southern limestone Alps. 

The Dolomites, also known as “Pale Mountains”, got their name from the carbonate rock dolomite. Refer to Wiki for more more information on that topic. It’s a sought after winter sports area. From June, when the passes open to traffic, the place is flooded with cars and motorcycles.

But, as have I learned, if you decide to visit later in the year, there’s less traffic. And, consequently, less people. Although I will say, this being post-corona, A lot of people from all over Europe apparently had postponed vacation. Probably in hope for better (post-corona) times.

Mountains in sight again!

Underway to The Dolomites, mountains in sight

Past lake Como, no sightseeing

From Brusimpiano I took the road along the lake south to Porto Ceresio, then northeast into Switzerland. Didn’t take very long before I was back in Italy, heading towards Como. Driving or riding in this area means you’ll cross the borders multiple times. Yet seldom you see any police or customs.

I got stopped only once by a policeman during my zigzagging in-between the countries. He just looked at the license plate, and waved me off.

I had originally wanted to ride along lake Como. Been on my list for a while, since missing out on earlier expeditions. But as morning became early afternoon it was getting way too hot for slow riding along the lakeshore. And slow I certainly expected it to be, busy and slow. Nope, I’d my share of that experience the day before.

Coffee in the shades

Stopped for a coffee and was happy to be in the shades.

So quickly through Como, onto a main road to Lecco, and then SS36 which takes you north, partially along the lake. One gets to see some of the spectacular surroundings, but on this freeway there are several tunnels. I don’t fancy freeways or motorways. Try to avoid them as much as I can. But on hot days like this, it was refreshing to ride in higher speeds.

To The Dolomites: north of Trento, along SS612 (Vi de Trento)

North of Trento, along SS612 or Via de Trento.

Around the north end of the lake, onto SS38 east. Past Tresenda the road began to wind and climb. Soon mountains were in sight. Abd mountains I certainly was longing for!

The Dolomites & Canazei

It was evening by the time I arrived in Canazei, an Alpine resort sitting near the Pordoi, Sella and Fedaia passes. So in other words, an ideal position for the next day’s rides. Come to think of it I actually might have passed through here in 2017. Not sure, seem to recall I cam down from either Passo Pordoi or Sella.

Walking into "town"

Wlking into town for a beer and some food

The booked hotel was in the outskirts of the Canazei. With parking close to the reception and entrance. Albergo Fiordaliso is a nice hotel, for an affordable price. Booked two nights, the next day was going to be devoted entirely to exploring roads in The Dolomites ridden before, and some new ones!

Canazei in The Dolomites

Canazei in The Dolomites

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