I miss a real winter…

…more specifically, I miss an opportunity to exercise, without falling, without sliding, getting hurt or breaking a bone. Might have to reconsider this about going to a gym.¬† Truth be told,¬†it’s not that bad. Transitional periods are however the worst, climate slips into SNAFU mode, oscillating between a few degrees above or below freezing point….read more>>

New year, clean slate? Don’t know about that, but…

..making promises at the end of the old year, for the¬†new year, to myself, and keep them, yep,¬†tried¬†and¬†failed.¬†Yet sometimes,¬†for whatever reason, whether associated with a new year, new beginning or¬†clean slate kinda feeling, those¬†do¬†lead … somewhere.¬† Making it a new start? Doing a (light/heavy) reboot?¬†A kick-my-butt symbolic fresh start? A page turn? I’ll speak for…read more>>

Staying fit, interval training, Fitbit Surge

We all know it’s¬†a good idea to¬†pay attention to health, or “the status of the¬†physical holster”. There’s no¬†need to go scientific to realize, no¬†need to read product declarations to comprehend, count calories or carbohydrates to measure, that lots of things¬†we put in our mouth, more so in the western “civilized” world,¬†is bad for our health….read more>>

It’s spring, time to clean your PC?

Well spring at least for those of us camping somewhere in¬†the northern Hemisphere. With spring and summer comes increased indoor temperatures, unless of course you have¬†air conditioning. Not very common where I live truth be told. In any event, and regardless of circumstances or season, regular computer cleaning is¬†important. Your PC is a dust magnet,…read more>>

Running shoes, too many choices

I am not an fitness¬†extremist, not by a long shot. If¬†you’re¬†in the 50¬†something, or¬†older, having exercising routines¬†is a¬†good idea. In fact, it is a VERY good idea. Yet,¬†do too much too sporadically, and that is not a¬†good¬†approach. Routines, however dreadful and boring it might sound, is what you need.¬†Else you might end up doing a…read more>>