Motorcycle related blogs and pages

July 27th 2019: by the eastern side of lake Vangsmjøse in Norway

Blogs can be informative as well as useful! This page is an ongoing project, with links to various blogs, homepages, stories, feeds, rider channels and so forth. Suggestions welcome!

Blogs, travel & technical

  1. Notier’s Frontiers; home to Tim & Marisa an extremely adventure rich, story telling page. Here you’ll find a lot of information, stories from their many travels. Tim’s also published a book.
  2. Love for ride: by Adam Dąbkowski. On this site you’ll find imagery from some quite epic adventures. Well worth a visit!
  3. Itchy Boots Travel & Adventure blog: belongs Noraly, a 32-year old, Dutch, solo-female traveler , currently on a mission to travel the world by motorbike.  Frequent updats, and an impressive list of adventures and endeavors.
  4. Dave Coleman Euro Bimble 2019: evolving story telling about this year’s adventures down to the Alps.
  5. Dave Coleman – 2018 travel blog. An immense amount of information, tips, stories, pictures. Do not miss out on this source of motorcycle travelling information.
  6. Dave Coleman – 2017 travel blog. As above great posts, with tons of useful, motorcycle travelling information.
  7. Motorcycle diaries: well worth checking out, good page!
  8. an american couple with passion for motorcycles and riding. Lots of interesting posts to be found here!
  9. Kortas travel blog: a polish blogger who, pretty much like myself, have taken up riding motorcycles again.
  10. My Last Great Motorcycle Ride: The Final Ride of a Guy, His Motorcycle, and a Journey Through Five Continents
  11. Rude Machinery: great and diverse site with blog, lots of interesting posts and info that’ll take you diverse directions.
  12. Ramblings of a Singapore Biker Boy – Adventures and micro-adventures on a motorcycle: In addition to trips and info, there’s also quite  a bit of technical insights and tips. Might especially be interesting for BMW GS owners!
  13. Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Adventure Travellers: A facebook group that contains posts, pics, and tips. Also worth checking out; the Instagram page.
  14. Amit’s travel blog; an indian on riding adventures in India
  15. coming…