Misc. links

Below just some references and links brought over from the old site. I’ll probably make some changes to the page here over the coming weeks or months.

Personal, family & relations

  • Tracee Lewis Meyn’s site,  The Mrs. website, who is a vocalist, singer/songwriter and vocal instructor. There’s lots of information and also downloadable music here.
  • Traces Gospel Choir: many years back, around ten years now actually, the wife started a choir. She needed something associated with home (she’s from California). Today Traces is an acknowledged, much used choir that can be booked for various arrangements. More information on their page (which btw. i designed).
  • Home of 3-11 Porter: One of the Mrs’s bands. A well kept secret in Norway that have made it pretty big elsewhere in the world. On their site you can find information about the band and link to music and videos.
  • 3-11 Porter on Youtube, they’ve made some hits and you’ll find a few of them here.
  • My “Mausoleum” at at SoundCLoud. Older home recordings from the cassette tape era. Basically the same stuff you find on this page.
  • Knut’s photographer page at National Geographic. Taking pictures have been a hobby of mine since the mid 70s. 
  • My linkedIn Profile, where you may the more professional history. No need to duplicate it here.
  • Jazzscene – with David Fishel. A good friend who has revived his excellent radio show from the 90s. Live on Mersey Radio every Wednesday but all shows will be added to mixcloud.

Miscellaneous links

  • Kiva.org: Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. You can sponsor a business and help the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence. I’ve been a member of Kiva since the beginning and can warmly recommend it to anyone. Check out Kiva.org>>
  • Xing: XING relationships for the worlds business professionals. Go there>>
  • LinkedIn: Find people you used to work with, classmates and fellow student. Discover new relations, new connections, go there>>
  • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator: if you’re looking for a simple tool to generate CSS gradients this is THE page to bookmark
  • Diffchecker: if you ever need to compare two documents, content of some sort, script files, design files, whatever it may be this tool will do it for you and present differences in a excellent way.
  • Drupal, one of the best Open Source CMS solutions around, especially if you want to build bigger, more complex stuff.
  • WordPress, the most widespread and used Open Source Content Management (CMS) system. Some favours it as it’s less nerdy than Drupal, well at least out of the box.
  • Joomla, another of the more widespread and used Open Source Content Management (CMS) systems. Better than it’s reputation (from back in the early 2000) and used by millions of websites worldwide. Last versions to date (3.x) is a lot better than its predecessors.
  • Wiki page for odds and ends, if the above links didn’t satisfy your needs then this page will. It features perhaps the most comprehensive list of open source CMS systems you’ll ever find. Knock yourself out :).
  • The Internet Archive: feeling web-sentimental? Want to take a trip down memory lane? You will not believe just how many old websites and pages are archived here. Try the Wayback machine.
  • Finn’s guitar tuning blog; a good friend presents interesting stuff re. tuning of a guitar.
  • Joko’s Leaving America blog: first got to know him back when Myspace was new & the big thing in social media. We have stayed in touch ever since, he now resides in Myanmar and writes/films interesting stuff, well worth reading/watching.