Music bits & pieces

Here are some old recordings, old in a digital, sequencer oriented sense. Almost ancient would perhaps be more precise. 

Like what happened to all my graphics, music written and recorded up till late 90s was lost in a PC & backup/storage freak accident. Fortunately (all depending) some songs existed in mp3 format on a web server, others on old cassette tapes. 

prof_keyb01The sound quality is bad. No mix (spent money on instruments), and most of the tapes were in a poor state. There was a limit to how much things could be fixed digitally. Not an excuse, by any means.

About the material

The pieces have been written / composed and recorded between 1989-1997/8. The early stuff with Atari 1040ST/STE and the sequencer C-Lab Notator (personal favourite). I used to sell and demonstrate C-Lab Notator (and Creator) back then.

During later half of the 90s I used Cakewalk for PC in various versions. Nowadays the latest Sonar does the job. It’s an excellent program, whatever I cannot do with it comes down to personal limitations.

On the earliest pieces I used samplers and synthesizers from among others Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ensoniq, Oberheim, EMU Systems, Akai, and Sequential Circuits. Later pieces were recorded with a $100 Yamaha XG sound card (all I had at the time).