Motorycle Trips, Rides and Tours

Since returning to motorcycle riding late May 2015 after more than 32 years of absence, I’ve done many trips, and (tens of) thousands of miles or kilometers.   

The adventures have brought through parts of Europe twice (to date) and countless expeditions in Norway and Sweden. One highlight definitely was summer 2017, and riding through parts Europe and the Alps.

Locatoweb – Tracking and record trips

Must have been in 2017. Someone on a Facebook group made me aware of Locatoweb. It’s an app service, Norwegian made actually, that permits real time tracking. It also helps you with geo-tagging of pics plus route sharing.

The service has grown even more popular and is now used by people all over the world. Below is my current routes since starting to use it late June 2017. Some of these experienced I’ve blogged about.