MC Links, routes & riding tips

This page is devoted to motorcycle adventure tips & riding links. Roads, routes and blogs. I’ll update the list when or if I find or get something worth adding. 

If you have some good tips. like to see link to your page here, or would like to exchange references, ping me. For (my) motorcycle related blog posts see this page.

Roads & routes links



General, World,  Europe & Scandinavia

  • Top 100 roads: nice bucket or todo list for pavement riders
  • Trans Euro Trail (TET): 38,000 kilometers worth of GPX routes from the edge of Africa to the Arctic Circle. Created by a community. Provided for free.
  • Dangerous roads: while title might give an impression the target audience are specifically those with a death wish, this is one of the more comprehensive pages on adventurous pavement, gravel and dirt roads. A must-check for anyone with adventurous plans!

Tracker & Planner tools

  • Locatoweb: have used this quite a bit, my routes here. there’s a free version and you can pay for upgrade. No planning tools. Apps available
  • Rever: started to use this last winter for planning. Good alternative, if used with Google maps. No limit on number of waypoints. Apps available
  • MotionX: GPS tracker/app for iOS devices. Not tried it myself yet but I plan to.