Motorcycle rides & adventures

Here you’ll find an overview of motorcycle adventures & rides posts. Fairly easy reading, and posts with some decent pictures now and then. Tip: pictures in blog posts are (almost all) clickable & expandable to 2048 pixels width.

Before fate intervened: along Seljordsvatn (Seljord lake)

Fate and fatalities, early end of a summer season

Fate is, well for the most part, and for the most of us, unknown. Until it's the present or, as one sometimes look forward to, ...
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August, view from the Miller's House in Aremark, Norway

Fall in Norway, seen from a motorcycle

Fall in Norway can be pretty spectacular when you ride about. On days with sun and decent temperature the brilliant colors transforms the landscape. Fall, ...
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Lom in Otta valley

Valdresflye and home, summer ride 2

Valdresflye is a "household name" in Norway, a name for both a road or route as well as a mountain plateau. It was also a ...
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Leirdalsvegen - at the entry to Jotunheimen, July 2019

Trollstigen & Geiranger, summer ride 2

Trollstigen, a serpentine mountain road and pass in Møre og Romsdal county was the first target of the day. Followed by Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden. Trollstigen ...
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Jotunheimen National Park, my destination for the day

Jotunheimen and northwards, summer ride 2

Jotunheimen in Norway is a national park and  mountainous area of roughly 3,500 km².  July 26th I left Oslo for another Norwegian long weekend  ride ...
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Riding down towards Kviteseidvatnet , or Lake Kviteseid

The long way home, with detours

The long way home, that was our plan. Waking up on Sunday the weather was gorgeous. So we intended to make the most out of ...
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Flatdal (Flat valley) Norway, mid-July 2019

Lysebotn in western Norway, day 1&2

Lysebotn is a name that might not mean anything to lots of people. If you are a motorcycle rider, and have been in Norway, Lysebotn ...
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Through Wernigerode

Return north, 2019 Summer adventure, day 16-18

Return north was the next planned move. The adventure was coming to an end. But before the end, 3 days worth of riding, through Germany, ...
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Harz and Sofienhof

Harz Mountains, 2019 Summer adventure, day 15

Harz Mountains, hills, woods, and a plethora of great roads. That was on the menu for the day, preceded by the breakfast menu which by ...
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Through Germany: on Prioreier Strasse

Through Germany, 2019 Summer adventure, day 14

Through Germany to the Harz mountains, that was the plan of the day.  Which meant between 5-600 kilometers riding, depending on the small roads. One ...
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