Motorcycle rides & adventures (general)

Here you find posts / series of posts  about motorcycle adventures & rides. In Norway and Scandinavia, as well as Europe. For Norway only? Try this page.

It’s all easy reading with some decent or half decent pictures. Occasionally videos too. I’m no vlogger so mostly use videos in a complementary way.  So short clips for the most part. Roads, routes and (good?) tips about accommodation (all non-sponsored) usually included as well.


The return back north, 2021 Adventure (11)

The return back north was going to be a long one. It always is, for Norwegians who ride all the way down to central Europe ...
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Timmelsjoch start at OberGurl, Austria

Timmelsjoch high alpine road, 2021 (10)

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is for many a goal, and more than once. Know people who consider riding it obligatory, when in Austria. Been a ...
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Grossglockner high alpine road

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road – 2021 (9)

It's almost inconceivable to travel into, or around in, the Austrian Alps without riding Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Whether from one side to the other, ...
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Road up to Passo Pordoi, Dolomites Italy

Riding in the Dolomites, 2021 Adventure (8)

Motorcycle riding in The Dolomites is a breathtaking experience. It offers some of the most exhilarating rides in the world. Winding roads, sharp turns, and ...
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Mountains in sight again!

The Dolomites (again), 2021 Adventure (7)

The Dolomites, or The Dolomite Mountains, are located in the northeast of Italy. They form a part of the southern limestone Alps.  The Dolomites, also ...
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Lago Maggiore: roadside view

Lago Maggiore & Lugano – 2021 Adventure (6)

Lago Maggiore and Lago Lugano had been on my list of places to see for a while. Finally I was heading there.  Turin & northeast ...
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Silence -in the mountains in may

Silence, but there’s life alright

Silence it's good, every so often. Guess I went empty, sort of. That, and summer season never is a high for me writing-wise.  Think I ...
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Col de L'iseran

Col de l’Iseran, a day, there and back

Col de l'Iseran is the highest paved Alpine pass. It's close to the French - Italian border, a must see or do for many motorcyclists ...
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Bicycle riders on Assietta

An offroad mishap, after Assietta

Offroad or gravel and dirt riding can be an exhilarating experience. Maybe at times too exciting. But if nothing else, it makes memories! Memories Indeed ...
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Strada dell' Assietta

Assietta or Strada dell’Assietta, a definite high

The Alpine military road known as Strada dell'Assietta is a road that, for many motorcycle riders sits high up on the list of must do's ...
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