View from Belvedere Col du Rousset, France

View from Belvedere Col du Rousset, France

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Combe Laval seen from 76

Combe Laval, France (2022-4)

Combe Laval was a target while in France in 2021. But I chose another route further south, and as a result had to drop those ...
Riding south in France: past Annecy

Riding South in France (2022-3)

I did some riding south in France in 2021. Came through Switzerland then as well, a few miles further east, a bit closer to Bern ...
Morning view in Friederichstadt, Germany

Rapidly through Germany to Switzerland (2022-2)

Riding rapidly through Germany on the way south made sense. Especially as we only had 12 days at our disposal. Early on I hadn't made ...
Late Euro Adventurer: the 1290 Super Adventure S packed and ready

A late Euro Adventure start (2022-1)

Circumstances led to a late Euro Adventure in 2022. Originally the plan had been to leave early September. But things didn't go as planned (again) ...
Tomtom Rider 550 with motorcycle mounting kit

Tomtom Rider 550 GPS review, after 3 seasons

Tomtom Rider 550 was not a planned GPS purchase. But as many times before I ended up choosing something new, because of circumstances. Before I ...
Metzeler Karoo 4 on a first test

Metzeler Karoo 4 review, more than a predecessor?

The Metzeler Karoo 4 tires became available from March 2022. After some thousands of kilometers on Karoo 3 they weren't  my first choice. Far from ...
KTM Motorcycles: escaping heat riding up a mountain above Locarno, Switzerland

KTM motorcycles and engine heat, a problem?

KTM motorcycles and KTM engines are often associated with engine heat issues, in addition to mechanical problems and quality questions.  But is the heat and ...
16 000 kilometers or close, out in the woods

16 000 kilometers on a KTM 890 Adventure – review

Soon it's time for the 16 000 kilometers service. Next week to be precise. Thought to sum up impressions, this far in my ownership. The ...


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