Austria 2018

Along smallways in Austria late June 2018

Welcome to the homepage of a half-nerd, hobby photographer, hobby musician, motorbike rider and blogger. New content may appear suddenly, if I’ve had time to produce something.

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2019 BMW S1000XR, a rocket ship with wheels
2019 BMW S1000XR model really is an awesome machine. A rocket ship on two wheels. In the hands of the
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Anakee Adventure, gravel, dirt and offroad review
Anakee Adventure by Michelin is a dual sport tire. Designed for pavement as well as riding off the beaten track,
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Spring riding motorcycle style in Norway
Spring riding in Norway can be fun. Especially on the days when temp suddenly flips into early summer level, with
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Michelin Anakee Adventure review & first impressions
Michelin Anakee Adventure was introduced early 2019. As the first reviews came out it was pretty evident this was a
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Reminiscing & consuming, a fools tale
Reminiscing & consuming.   A few days ago a friend shared some links to prog rock music not heard in ages.
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Modern engineering, not meant to last?
Modern engineering might be clever, but often not solid. Modern engineering is about cost efficiency, to save material or allow
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Michelin Sirac review; a tire for allround usage
Michelin Sirac is a great allround tire for medium size adventure bikes. On pavement, gravel, dirt or offroad, it is
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Mid-March is a climatically confusing period
Mid-March is a climatically confusing period in the SometimesBackwardsKingdom of Nor-Way. People (some) long (strongly) for spring. However, a) very
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