July 2023: in Jordalen, Vestland Municipaliy, Norway

July 2023: Jordalen, Vestland municipaliy, Norway

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KTM Motorcycles: escaping heat riding up a mountain above Locarno, Switzerland

KTM motorcycles and engine heat, a problem?

KTM motorcycles engines are often associated with, besides of mechanical failures and quality issues, (excessive) engine heat issues.  But is the heat and heat dissipation ...
16 000 kilometers or close, out in the woods

16 000 kilometers on a KTM 890 Adventure – review

Soon it's time for the 16 000 kilometers service. Next week to be precise. Thought to sum up impressions, this far in my ownership. The ...
Side valley in Aurland,

The Return from Vestland (day 4)

The return from Vestland wasn't going to be all solo. My friend, who came from Bergen, decided to tag along, for a while. There was ...
Scorpion Rally STR on deep, loose gravel & dirt with the 2023 KTM 890 Adventure

Scorpion Rally STR, second set reflections

The first set of Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR went into the bin and a second set came on. Here are some (more) reflections. Yeah I ...
Touratech RALLYE Evo mount

Touratech RALLYE Evo, don’t try this at home!

Touratech Rallye Evo is, at first glance, and in theory, an ideal protection solution for KTM 790/890 Adventure. If you can get it mounted! I've ...
Day touring: over Aurlandsfjellet - June 2023

Day touring in Vestland (day 3)

Day touring in Vestland county can be an experience you'll remember. Especially if the weather is as good as it was this weekend.  It might ...
Aurland: view of Aurlandsfjorden from Fulaviki

Aurland & Voss, west of Norway (day 2)

Aurland is a beautiful municipality in Vestland county. Add a little dash of Voss as well, and you have plenty for a day's worth of ...
Early June: Aurland mountain, June 2023

Early June 2023 to the west of Norway (day 1)

Early June the weather can be quite variable in Norway. If you decide to ride about in June, bring good rain gear & warm clothes! ...


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