June 24th 2024 in the evening: coming down Bjørgavegen in Aurland

June 24th 2024, in the evening: coming down Bjørgavegen in Aurland, Norway.

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Farewell to the 2023 KTM 890

Sudden changes – a new motorcycle (updated)

Sudden changes happens. Those who've read some posts here knows that "Sudden Changes" could be my middle names! So yeah, Four years ...
Hardanger, Norway: view from Kjeaasen towards Eidfjord

Hardanger and Aurland motorcycle riding, Norway (2024-2)

Hardanger and Aurland are two beautiful parts of the western Norway. Almost regardless of weather. But it helps with sunshine! Sunshine and ...
Three days getaway: bike packed and ready

Three days west in Norway and back (2024-1)

Three days goes fast when you're having fun. It's not a whole lot of time for adventurous riding. But three days is ...
Motorcycle riding in Norway , July 2021

Motorcycle riding in Norway

Motorcycle riding in Norway can be an unforgettable experience during (late) spring, summer or autumn. Almost regardless of weather.  Motorcycle riding in ...
Motorcycle riding: At Edelweissspitze, Austria

Motorcycle riding and adventures

Motorcycle riding and adventures is a great way to explore, whether near or far. A bit hard to explain to those who've ...
Last two days : on Wischafen - Glückstadt ferry

The last two days on the road, (2022-7)

The last two days on the road were spent in northern Germany and Denmark. We still had quite a distance to go ...
2024 motorcycle season: 2023 KTM 890 adventure March 2024

2024 motorcycle season, an early start

The 2024 motorcycle season got off to an early start. But in true Norwegian (fake spring) fashion, temporarily ended the day after ...
Near Mosel Valley: Eltz Castle, or Burg Eltz

Mosel valley, Burg Eltz and north (2022-6)

Mosel valley in Germany is a beautiful drive or ride. A visit to Burg Eltz makes the experience even better! It had ...


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