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Rothenburg & south – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 6)
Rothenburg ob der Tauber is an old Bavarian city, situated along the Romantic Road, or “Der Romantische Strasse”. I rode
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Eltz Castle – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 5)
Eltz Castle, Mosel river and valley were the next goals, so remained on a southwestern course. The castle is just
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Choices & Decisions – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 4)
Choices and decisions, we face those every day. The morning of June 27th was definitely going to be about choices
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West Germany & Zonk – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 3)
West Germany is easy to travel in, or through. With a plethora of road alternatives, friendly and forthcoming people, nice
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Denmark & Germany – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 2)
Woke up not too early in Denmark, ready for day 2 of the adventure. Looking out through the windows the
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2018 Summer adventure, the beginning (Part 1)
2018 Summer adventure on two wheels was an awesome experience. Even if things didn’t go as planned, and incidents I
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Motorcycle trips and adventures in Norway
Since not failing to mention (already) the very late spring in Norway this year, it won’t be repeated again. Suffice
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MC Adventure 2016 (7), Germany & the long way home
Waking up in a hotel room roadside the Autobahn in Germany is, very likely, among the less adventurous experiences I’ve
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MC Adventure 2016 (6), Italy, Tirol and north again
The Timmelsjoch alpine road into Italy is a pretty awesome riding experience. That the fog hang or rather drifted across
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