Motorcycle related posts

Here you’ll find a chronological overview of motorcycle related posts. Like experiences regarding bikes, gears & gadgets, tyres (tires), and so forth.  For rides & adventures, see this page

5000 kilometers done: the 2023 KTM 890 Adventure by a lake

5000 kilometers on a 2023 KTM 890 Adventure

5000 kilometers already done on the 2023 KTM 890 Adventure, it's gone fast and, minus one niggle, trouble free!  The niggle turned out to be ...
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2023 KTM 890 Adventure

2023 KTM 890 Adventure first impressions

The 2023 KTM 890 Adventure was, and still is, a much anticipated incarnation of the already well established 890 platform. Late April 2023 it was ...
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Continental TKC 70 Rocks

Continental TKC 70 Rocks review, does it rock?

Continental TKC 70 Rocks came out, think it was early 2020. A more aggressive, offroad oriented version than TKC70. I decided to try it.  Prices ...
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Time for a change: Riding in the mountains of Norway

Time for a change, time to let it go (?)

55 000 kilometers over two 7 months seasons, 65 000 kilometers since new. For a 2019 model that is a "fair bit"? Time for a ...
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At 54 000 kilometers: ,my2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

54 000 kilometers on a KTM 1290SAS (updated)

54 000 kilometers ridden since April 2021. Depending on the weather I might pass 55 000 kilometers before it's over for this year. A 54 ...
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Silence -in the mountains in may

Silence, but there’s life alright

Silence it's good, every so often. Guess I went empty, sort of. That, and summer season never is a high for me writing-wise.  Think I ...
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Aprilia Tuareg 2022

Aprilia Tuareg 660 (quick) review, it is good!

Aprilia Tuareg  has received good reviews in the worldwide adventure motorcycle community. May 16th it was my turn to get acquainted with it. When Yamaha ...
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30 000 km & a 2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

30 000 kilometers on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

It took about one year to reach 30 000 kilometers on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. Most of those 30 000 kilometers I did ...
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1000 kilometers: Aurlandsfjorden June 8th 2021

10000 kilometers on KTM1290 Super Adventure S

10000 kilometers on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S very soon. It has gone fast. I attribute that to it's comfort, and overall rideability.  It ...
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Handlebar risers on Honda XL600V transalp

Handlebar risers, controversies & (personal) results

Handlebar risers is a must for some of us. No motorcycle will fit everyone perfectly, out of the box, from the assembly line. The above ...
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