Rides & Adventures in Norway

Rides and Adventures in Norway is an overview of posts about various rides in Norway. From local to the more lengthy ones. 

Working on getting more posts out. Lots of pictures from around the country over in the Galleries & Photos section.

2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Southwest weekend, a 2022 mini adventure (1)

South southwest of Norway was my target during first half of June 2022. Inspired by a friend who went the same direction a week before.   ...
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June 2021: south of lake Seljord

June 12th 2021, back to Telemark

June 12th 2021, one year after my fatal accident in Telemark, I went back. No drama, just a strange feeling. Truth be told I didn't, ...
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In Matre, Norway

Tour de Vestland – vacation in Norway (5)

"Tour de Vestland" was on the menu for the day. My friend/host had planned a route. A route with roads I'd  never ridden or driven ...
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Westwards, Folkedal and Granvinfjord

Westwards in Vestland, vacation in Norway (4)

Westwards  and Bergen, the goal of the third day of the (mini) vacation. Westwards to visit a friend and ride some great roads. My companion ...
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Vestland: Vassbygdevatnet in Aurland

Vestland, vacation through parts of Norway (3)

Vestland became, from Januar 1st 2020, the new consolidated region consisting of former counties Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The county consolidation have reduced the ...
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Vacation to the west country: along Fv243 in Kvignadal

Vacation through (parts of) Norway (2) – Bjørgavegen

A vacation of 6 days can get your far. It depends on roads chosen, and road taken. I made, or tried to make, the most ...
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The 2021 riding season: Along Bjørgavegen

The 2021 riding season this far, posting lag

The 2021 riding season has been pretty exciting. So much so I've not had the inspiration to sit down a write something about it.  For ...
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Austsidevegen in Valdres

Going west, 6 days through (parts of) Norway (1)

Going west, some days of vacation. A ride through the central parts of Norway, over towards the west coast. Across mountains, along fjords. June 2020, ...
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August, view from the Miller's House in Aremark, Norway

Fall in Norway, seen from a motorcycle

Fall in Norway can be pretty spectacular when you ride about. On days with sun and decent temperature the brilliant colors transforms the landscape. Fall, ...
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Lom in Otta valley

Valdresflye and home, summer ride 2

Valdresflye is a "household name" in Norway, a name for both a road or route as well as a mountain plateau. It was also a ...
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