WordPress performance & improvements (3)

I started writing all in one post but quickly realized I’d be testing peoples patience. So therefore I had to split them. Regardless, if  they can help you in making choices, improvements and smoke some gremlins lurking on your own site, then I consider my rant a success. The tools – the nice to haves So there we are, you’ve…read more>>

Social media for marketing

Like everyone else I get promotional mails, sales and marketing stuff in my inbox. The majority of these mails auto-magically ends up in the trash, labelled as spam. Thank heavens for improved spam filtering! Some mails I might hastily and/or accidentally scan through, even happens I read some. The reason, or inspiration, for this blog post, came in the…read more>>

WordPress & lay-out: less is more

Web design and content presentation trends have changed a lot over the past 10-20 years. Long gone is tolerance for, and patience with, 100+ lines paragraphs, cluttered pages, word and function density beyond sensible measures. With better tools and platforms previous layout and presentation methods have gotten their renaissance. Use of large fonts, lots of air on the page…read more>>