General & misc. posts

Here’s the miscellaneous section, about (almost) anything. There’s no red thread, particular aim or angle. All down to brief/fleeting moments of inspiration.  For motorcycle related stuff go here.

2021 season with an Austrian Orange

The 2021 season – return to a passion

The 2021 (motorcycle) season is still months away (here). Many look forward to spring. Forward to, hopefully, some normality. How normal the year of 2021 ...
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Along Lake Kviteseid

Briefly – late November rambling

Briefly, yeah just  a bit of rambling.  Not much going on to be honest. That's not only because of COVID-19. There are other reasons. if ...
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Patience = virtue

Patience is a virtue they say, well

Patience is a virtue they say.  1 month plus has passed since the last update. 4 months since the accident, a little less since surgery ...
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Gym at Godthaab rehab

3 months passed since the accident

3 months have passed since the accident. In one way it feels like eons ago. Yet in other ways, a mere fortnight, from time to ...
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Before fate intervened: along Seljordsvatn (Seljord lake)

Fate and fatalities, early end of a summer season

Fate is, well for the most part, and for the most of us, unknown. Until it's the present or, as one sometimes look forward to, ...
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Shit happens, the beemer wouldn't strart

Shit happens, sometimes in the right places

Shit happens, sometimes in the right places. This is (also) a truth and, as it were, a truth I much prefer when shit does happen ...
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The human ear

Hearing protection, loss of hearing or Tinnitus

Hearing protection is a must if you're riding a motorcycle. The consequences of no or poor protection can be serious and long, or life lasting ...
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Saturday morning: prophetic CAT meme

Saturday January 4th, morning rambling

Saturday morning. Woke up, got coffee brewing going. Gave CAT medicine. Then fed CAT (in that order). In retrospect maybe fed CAT a bit too ...
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Consuming: A set of cylinder guards for the BMW R1200GS Adventure

Reminiscing & consuming, a fools tale

Reminiscing & consuming.   A few days ago a friend shared some links to prog rock music not heard in ages. That sent me into a ...
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mid-march windows screen

Mid-March is a climatically confusing period

Mid-March is a climatically confusing period in the SometimesBackwardsKingdom of Nor-Way. People (some) long (strongly) for spring. However, a) very b) awfully frequently these people ...
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