Sudden changes – a new motorcycle (updated)

Last Updated on: July 5, 2024

Sudden changes happens. Those who’ve read some posts here knows that “Sudden Changes” could be my middle names!

So yeah, Four years since and some days since an accident that also led to a departure from BMW motorcycles in general, and GS/GSA in particular. Since then there has been around 80.000 “orange kilometers”. On two KTMs. Now I’m back, on a BMW 1250 GS.

Didn’t see that coming, well not that quickly.

Farewell to the 2023 KTM 890

June 2024: farewell to the 2023 KTM 890, here where it really is at home. On a forest road.

Sudden changes, but why?

Practicality and long distance touring comfort, plainly put. The (2023) KTM 890 is a great motorcycle. By any standards. Plus exceptionally fun to ride. Onroad, offroad or on forest roads. If it would be the right for me on lengthy euro-adventures was another matter. Soft bags instead of lockable panniers and ditto top case.

Not ideal if you’re traveling solo. Well, not ideal for me I should say. Buying a hard luggage solution for the 890 would be expensive. And it would change the weight and balance of the bike.

Then came comfort. For riding around in Norway on semi long adventures the KTM 890 was fine. Bar risers and comfort seat with heating made it a lot better. In the end I decided the stepdown class-wise might not be the right choice for me, if going on long adventures.

So that was reason number two.

Sudden changes: on a test ride with a 2022 BMW 1250 GS.

On a test ride in the wet with a 2022 BMW 1250 GS.

A 2022 BMW 1250 GS turned up in the classified. One owner, moderate or average mileage, with all bells and whistles, plus a complete set of what surely must be some of the ugliest luggage solutions known to mankind. Ugly but practical, expandable and, even more important, lockable.

Went to the dealer and took it for a test ride. Immediately felt at home. I did 54.000 kilometers on a 2016 1200 GS Adventure from 2017 to mid June 2020. If it hadn’t been for the accident who knows, I might still have the same motorcycle. Beemers don’t fall apart easily.

And so?

Well, you can guess the rest. Dangerous stuff, this trying something new business. On a Saturday. Not the first time I more or less decide and buys a motorcycle, on a Saturday. Some negotiations had to be done, regarding trade-in value of the KTM and cash in-between. Sunday it was a done deal.

The following Monday I picked it up and left the 890 behind.

Sudden changes: to a 2022 BMW 1250 GS Triple Black

2022 BMW 1250 GS Triple Black at home, without bulky panniers.

The 2022 150 GS is a different beast whilst compared to my previous beemer. Or same, but different. And since a GS and not a GSA, much lighter. The BMW Vario luggage system for the 1250 definitely peak performs on an “UglyOMeter”. They were sun tanned and tired looking.

A little treatment with Turtlewax plastic conditioner made them look a whole lot better.

The 1250 GS in Norwegian Wood.

The 1250 GS in Norwegian Wood.

At time of writing I’ve been doing around 1000 kilometres on the “Thin Cow”. Speaking of comfort, it’s much better compared to the former KTMs. And of course, I’ve had it offroad. Didn’t expect it would be quite as good or capable. Despite its size and weight it felt stable and predictable, even on rough gravel, wet dirt and sand.

1250 GS in the woods of Norway

Crossing a bridge. should be fine!

Not at all how I remembered the 1200 GSA under similar conditions. One factor could also be I’ve improved as a rider.

Update: 3 weeks later

Sudden change: The 2022 BMW 1250 GS in Aurland, Norway

The 2022 BMW 1250 GS in Aurland, Norway

At time of writing this it’s July and I’ve done around 3000 kilometers since I got the bike. Had the opportunity to try a larger Norwegian menu of roads and road surfaces. With both luggage and passenger.

There’s not a whole lot more to add or say about the 1250 GS that isn’t already said a thousand times. Except that it’s delivering as expected. I’ve added some stuff to the bike to suit my own needs, like:

  • Handlebar risers: 25mm risers from Voigt. Eliminated arm fatigue and got the handlebars in a for me better position (I’m 6″2.
  • SW-Motech ION foot pegs, enables lowering of the pegs.
  • A windscreen spoiler from Aliexpress at the horrendous price of EUR 22 (including freight). Improved the overall performance of the OEM windscreen and allowed more adjustability.
  • A Puig sports windscreen I’ve yet to try on. The idea is to use it during summer (in hot weather). If a disaster it’ll end up in the classifieds.
  • Plus some other minor things, like a sun visor for the BMW Navigator VI. Which by the way, minus a couple of hiccups, works ok (knock on wood).
Voigt Handlebar risers on 2022 BMW 1250 GS

The 25mm Voigt handlebar risers on the 2022 BMW 1250 GS

Since the bike came with the GIVI tank bag ring mounted I went for the GIVI XL04 tank bag. Have had good experience with SW Motech previously. But this time I wanted to try something new. Think the XL04 will prove to be a good solution.

June 2024 in the evening: coming down Bjørgavegen in Aurland

Late June 2024: coming down Bjørgavegen in Aurland, in the evening.

Mid July it’ll be time for the 2024 Euro Adventure. The reason why I chose the bike in the first place. So there we have it, back with more later!

More 2024 images will be added soon to the 2024 Galleries page.

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