What lurks in the human mind…

Last Updated on: March 27, 2015

… sometimes can surprise us, shock us and deceive us.

What lurks in the human mind can change the life of a family, of a society, of nations, it can even change the entire world. What lurks in the human mind has a limitless capacity for good, regrettably also a ditto limitless capacity for bad.

The latest appalling example of this limitless capacity came a few days ago. Without forewarning the co-pilot of a flight from Spain to Germany nose-dived an aircraft right into the Alps.

Quietly and without any sound, while a desperate captain tried to open a locked cockpit door, he sentenced 149 people to death. The word horror cannot fully describe this incomprehensible act. My thoughts and prayers goes to the hundreds of victimized, families and friends of the deceased ones.

The investigation have since turned every stone, tried to uncover what led to this tragedy. Rapidly details are surfacing, a picture emerges, of a “jilted” lover. A sick person in a psychological crisis, who as it turns out, had concealed his medical condition from his employer.

Life can sometimes be a bitch, with or without us as pilot or co-pilot. Life offers challenges, it whispers to us, it yells to us. Life reflects and mirrors, usually what we are, who we are and what we do. Life is tough but teaches us that, albeit the toughness, we must and should get up, get moving, get passed and work on our issues. Learn and grow, from mistakes or unfortunate sequences of events.

Whatever we do and however we do it, take no hostages, victimize no one. Don’t blame the world, don’t blame others. If bad happens, solve the matter or get up and walk away, for a while. Get things on distance, in a sensible perspective.

Ebb and flow, happiness and despair, it’s all in the currents and dynamics of life, the inconstant, the shifts, the changes, forces we cannot control or master. For if we try, and in a moment lose what we believe is control, the consequences may be fatal, the chasm that opens dark and deep.

What went through the mind of the pilot in the days and hours, or moments prior to the catastrophe is anyone’s guess. Sometimes it is not the visible or the tangible that is the worst, but what one cannot see, cannot know, cannot touch, cannot feel.

Some people quietly wanders about, engulfed by their own personal black hole, and leaves no surface trace or sign of inner turmoil. Some people quietly and methodically executes their plan, seemingly without compassion, empathy or respect for others.

What lurks in the human mind sometimes can surprise us, shock us and deceive us.