What a wonderful world …

Last Updated on: March 11, 2015

… isn’t just a clichè or … maybe it is, certainly quickly can be just that… a clichè.

We know all too well that dark, stark, heavy, depressing realities pounds on our doors every day, doors here meant in a non-literal, symbolic term. For some the pounding might be stronger.

If and when life & realities lead to sense of helplessness, of being lost, passivity, lack of inspiration, indifference, depression, lack of vision, lack of optimism, then it might be good to, even for some fleeting moments, to close doors.. your door, the door.

Sadly, not everyone have this luxury, to some it is..a much sought after luxury. Some feel they don’t have it, and take to other means and ways to escape the reality, get a moment’s worth of time without pounding thoughts, without the weight of this … abstraction called reality.

It’s not a myth that drugs and alcohol more often than not are used for door closing, a flight away from life’s hard realities, of whatever kind they may be, or one may experience them. It comes with a price, a risk of lasting effects while in the attempts to shut out reality.

We all need time to breath, time to wind down, time to de-focus. We all need time to empty our minds, shut down. In an ever faster, evolving world of entanglements, a mix of the real and surreal, it should not be considered a luxury to be able to take to a temporary flights, away from realities, away from things, thoughts, circumstances that  bogs you down.


sometimes you wake up, sit down with a coffee mug, avoid reading (too much) depressing news online, look through your window, outside the sun is shining, sky is blue, maybe it’s spring, birds may be singing, the air may be fresh….

and you might think to yourself…. what a wonderful world.

Those are moments worth to cherish.