Welcome to new Meynstream

So finally online! The new site has been a feet dragging process but finally it’s done! And the old javascript based solution has been to rest,soon zipped and thrown into the archive of ancient things. You probably know how it is, while certain things can be done quickly. other just seem to take an infinite amount of time.

My thing is that I’ve not built a page or site for personal/private use in ages, in fact not since the late 90, excluding the long term temporary solution from the pictures. 8-9 years ago we had myspace, then facebook came and swept them away.

This creation is built with WordPress, been a long time since I used the platform but it was high time now to get re-acquainted.

A fresh start

…. is what I call it. The new site will develop over the coming weeks and months. Or, as time permits! Please also check out my business website, which built with Drupal, one of my personal favorites among CMS frameworks. I also build with other tools, what I choose depends on preferences and scope.

Anyhow, that’s that!

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