Timmelsjoch high alpine road, 2021 (10)

Last Updated on: March 20, 2023

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is for many a goal, and more than once. Know people who consider riding it obligatory, when in Austria.

Been a few years since I was here last time. Decided I could not leave Austria without having ridden the road and pass again. I’d also made an appointment to meet up with a friend from Switzerland the next day.

Timmelsjoch start at OberGurl, Austria

OberGurgl, Austria, at the beginning of Timmelsjoch high alpine road.

But first…


Continuing north on Grossglockner high alpine road you first arrive at Seidlwinkel. I’ve stopped there before, so this time around just a brief moment to admire the scenery, then up to Edelweissspitze..

At Edelweissspitze, Austria

At Edelweissspitze, Austria.

The ride up, the last winded section, takes place on cobblestone. Not such fun experience if raining, and windy.

Edelweissspitze, Austria

Edelweissspitze, Austria, and the cobblestone road

This time around the sun was shining, with almost no wind at all. In fact, it was so quiet in all respects I almost could not believe me luck, and had to film it as well.

Later afternoon I settled down near Zell am See for the night. The next day I would meet up with a friend and his companion to ride….

Timmelsjoch high alpine road

I met with my companions for the next day or so near Ôtztal. Which is on the northern side of Timmelsjoch. We continued up ÔtztalStrasse, also known as the 186, past Sôlden, towards “The Gurgles” as I call them. More specifically OberGurgl and then finally, the highest, suitably called HochGurgl. This is where the toll for Timmelsjoch high alpine road is.

This is also where you find the TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum. Which suffered a catastrophic fire January 17th 2021. A fire that almost entirely destroyed both building and the unique collection of vehicles and motorcycles gathered there.

Miraculously, 10 months later they reopened, with an even bigger exhibition!

Over into Italy

Since we had other plans, and some goals set for the day, we did not stop to view the exhibition. But instead carried on, along the alpine road, and over into Italy. In hindsight I regret that, but I will be back again!

ÔtstalsStrasse - Passo del Rombo, Italy

September 4th, stopped along ÔtstalsStrasse at Passo del Rombo, Italy

The Timmelsjoch high alpine road is an easy, twisty pavement road. I think the best is to enter from the Austrian side. As you cross the border into Italy, the views changes radically, and become one stunning scene after the next. We were going to come back across the next day though.

After Timmelosch high alpine road, SS44 in Italy,

After Timmelosch high alpine road, SS44 in Italy,

Remember very well the first time I came this way, and the many OMG exclamations. The way Italy opened up below me. This time around the weather was better, well, for a while it was.

Grey, heavy clouds, especially further south,  accompanied by rainbows, foretold of potential showers waiting for us. But it made it down to San Leonardo in Passiria dry. The joy would not end there. We decided to ride across Jaufenpass and stay the night further east. Which would turn out to be both an exciting and wet ride.

More on that later!

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