Time for a change, time to let it go (?)

Last Updated on: November 7, 2022

Time for a change: Riding in the mountains of Norway

Time for a change, but good memories. July 2022: riding in the mountains of Norway

55 000 kilometers over two 7 months seasons, 65 000 kilometers since new. For a 2019 model that is a “fair bit”?

Time for a change, why?

Several reasons.  None are related to dissatisfaction with the motorcycle. Rather mileage and second hand value. If you ride a lot, like me, I am sure the situation is familiar. As your motorcycle pack on miles its second hand value goes down. So sooner or later it becomes a value related question.

I did around 30 000 kilometers with the 1290 last year. And another 25k this year. If I keep it then by the end of the 2023 season it will have around 85-90k kilometers on the odo. Maybe more. Now, I’ve absolutely no reason to believe it won’t hold up. If a motorcycle have issues, imperfections or faults, then more often than not such show up early in it’s lifecycle.

Time for change, but good times: My 1290S along Grossglockner high Alpine road

September 2021: The KTM 1290 Super Adventure s along Grossglockner High Alpine road.

I know of people who have done well over 200 000 kilometers with a (previous) 1290 T model. One owner has done over 300 000 with his 1290T. Rough riding too. Which proves that the durability of a KTM 1290 is on par with anything else in the adventure market.

I can also leave the bike to someone else assured everything is as it should be. The start clutch or torque converter issue mentioned in a previous post will be changed under warranty. The factory responded to the dealers claim. So that is now sorted.

So if change, what’s next?

That’s a question I have no answer to right now. I’ve got a few options on my mind. Two of those I have already ridden. Have to give them another go before making a decision. Then there are a couple of others I’ve never tried. But it’s also a financial question. Motorcycles are expensive in Norway. Maintenance ditto.

Whatever it might be, everything points in the direction of downscaling. Both with regards to weight and power.  There are some places in the Alps I’ve still not been. But to get to those places I need a smaller, lighter, more offroad capable motorcycle. A motorcycle that is easier to handle, more fit for rough riding. But also  capable of long distance touring.

July 2022: In Norwegian mountains

July 2022: In Norwegian mountains with a friend.

It’s not that the 1290 Adventure S can’t do it. It is about me, about the rider. I know what it’s like to lift up a big adventure bike. While in the wrong place. I’ve tried it with both the bikes in the picture above.

So there you have it. How soon it will happen, and what next depends on factors such as sale (or no sale), and what I get for it.

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