The world might need rocket scientists

Last Updated on: October 20, 2015

… but I am not one of them.

Nope, just a someone who might, occasionally, succeed in offering a healthy perspective, whether it’s about life, culture, politics, science, religion, technology, or something else.

We’re an army out here, on the web, camping alongside the information super highway, a undefinable group of reasonably smart people, who every so often have something sensible to say.

Verbal Jazz, or rant…

… is healthy, underestimated. You should try it, one day or today? Start to type, see where it leads you. Who knows, what comes out might surprise you. Keep writing, whatever comes to mind, don’t lose your train of thought or, if lacking train of thought, keep going anyway. When done, or you think you’re done, digest it before your intellect starts to intervene, before you edit too much and devoid your rant of its purity.

A little bit of verbal mopping might however make the purity stand out better.

In my experience the editing gets worse as one gets older. A tendency often leading to things that should have been said, not being said. Things that should have been spoken of, not spoken of, opinions and views that should have been offered  not offered.

Sometimes I dislike myself for not saying what initially came to mind. Speaking your mind doesn’t mean you’re insensitive or tactless. Speaking your mind can be done with tact, as improvisational jazz can be played rhythmically. But sometimes the “internal mind police”, hereby dubbed “Mind-Stalin”, takes over and instigates verbal censorship.

It’s an age thing, an evolution with the capacity to move walls.. towards you. What I find is that while getting older it is very important exercise, physically as well as mentally. How you do it, with what methodology, approach, routine and diligence, is your cup of tea. I got my methods. Do they work? Feels like it, but it’s hard to be one’s own judge.

Verbal Jazz, or rant…

… is healthy and underrated. Every so often it might strike a chord that reverberates, triggers reactions, and counter reactions. Set thoughts in motion, lead to greater things, greater thoughts.

Momentary inspiration can happen from it, inspiration to sustain positivism, optimism, even in bleach or darker moments. Keep faith in life, in your own future as well as our collective future. This faith sometimes falter, falls short and I guess that too might be an age thing.

Don’t let it ruin dreams, for with dreams comes hope, and with hope comes faith. Faith is a fuel, a type of fuel that runs on all types of engines. We all need this fuel, whether religious or agnostics. Faith isn’t a fossil fuel, although it’s been around since our ancestors began to imagine, to dream.

There is one other thing with this fuel called faith, it’s free for all to use. Use your faith fuel well, and make sure to share it with others. Thank you for reading and be well!

Verbal Jazz

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