The return back north, 2021 Adventure (11)

Last Updated on: March 20, 2023

The return back north was going to be a long one. It always is, for Norwegians who ride all the way down to central Europe. And up again.

In that respect we who live up north are at a clear disadvantage. If our goal is to explore Europe, then we have to cover 2-2500 of kilometers, with return back, just to get where we want to be. But there are ways to avoid some transport legs. Like ferries and trains.

Both can be expensive. And you have to commit to schedules. Being places at the right time.


Looking into Italy close to the border

Back on Timmelsjoch high alpine road

We had stayed overnight in the deep end of a valley in Italy, close to the Austrian border.  Being a dead end we first rode back past Vipiteno. then up and over via Jaufenpass. Unlike the night before the was great, sunshine and not too cold. Down on the other side we stopped at a Gasthof for a cup of coffee. Quite literally in a hairpin.

A Cafe in the hairpin

At Gasthof Schlossberg, bang in the middle of a hairpin.

Back over Timmelsjoch high alpine road the same way as the day before. Near Ötztal my companions too the main road back to Zurch. I followed them to Imst, where I took road 189 north in direction of Füssen. And right into the worst traffic congestion I’ve experienced in years.

Even while lane splitting as much as i dared to, it took an absolute eternity to get to Füssen. Didn’t stop but kept on. Some kilometers south of Ulm I took aim at a landgasthof (hotel). Incidentally the main road into the village was closed. So yet another detour.

It was 8PM when I finally could sit down with a cold beer and have some food. It had been another day with 10+ hours in the saddle. Great place by the way! I can absolutely recommend Neumaiers Hirsch – Braugasthof & Hotel in Weißenhorn. Another of those many great Gasthofs or hotels you can find in Germany.

Hotel with beer garden

The hotel, with a beer garden in front.

To the North of Frankfurt

After an excellent breakfast I hopped on the bike and rode further north. For the most part I stayed on small roads. Took my time. Germany can be an exceptional efficient country to travel through. But if you choose the Autobahn you can, especially during the high season, or summer, run into a a lot of construction or road works.

Summer is when most of this work happens. It only takes one accident to cause a complete standstill for hours at an end. Being stuck on the Autobahn is much less fun if you are on a motorcycle. In, for instance, 30C plus.

Small roads in Germany

Small roads in Germany. The old city of Braunfels in the rear.

The plan was to visit a friend and ride a bit in the local area with him. He took me along some great roads!

Braunfels, Germany

Town square of the city of Braunfels, Germany

I also got to see more of what there is an awful lot in Germany, extremely well preserved medieval cities, and castles. Braunfels was no exception. The way the locals take care of their heritage in Germany is exemplary.

A street in Braunfels

Street view in Braunfels, Germany

But also, there is no shortage of high quality services, whether they be Gasthofs, or hotels, restaurants, cafè’s or pubs. And people are, for the most part, friendly, attentive, and forthcoming. Believe me, I’ve done a lot of riding through Germany. Just browse my blogs and you’ll find out!

Last legs home

Well, I’ve been going on for a long while on this blog post series. Like so many before. Even if there’s always a certain variation to it, I’ve decided to leave it out. It would take two overnight stays to make it home. Upon parking the bike outside the house the dash suggested some 7670 kilometers or 4765 miles. In approximately 20 days. Not half bad I’d say.

KTM 1290 Adventure dash

The dash showing travelled distance in 20 days

It takes a certain level of curiosity, combined with restlessness, plus a dash of stamina, to do journeys like this. And I don’t consider myself to be anywhere near extreme. Some like to travel in their mind. Others like to travel in the world, Europe, or wherever.

I like both. And for anyone who’s not tried it, being on an adventure with a motorcycle is something special. Don’t take my word for it. Try! 🙂

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