The 2021 season – return to a passion

Last Updated on: March 6, 2021

The 2021 (motorcycle) season is still months away (here). Many look forward to spring. Forward to, hopefully, some normality.

How normal the year of 2021 and season will be, largely depends on us, the citizens. On the nations of the world. Vaccines may help, especially if people take them. Equally, following guidelines helps, a lot. It will for long remain the/our most important to do’s. For tackling current pandemic, as well as potential future ones.

2020 – “Annus Horribilis

You might drop a “n” in the above latin word if you so like. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, am sure it’s pretty clear why that latin term fits the bill. I hope you never have come close, COVID or no COVID.

Anyways, this wasn’t meant to be a blog post about the obvious. We all might have our own (personal) reasons to want to put a cosmic mile between us and 2020.

A few more weeks/days now and 2020 is history. Amen and bye bye.

2021 season – return to a passion

It sort of was in the cards. It was on my mind weeks after the accident. Regardless of reason, whether an accident on skis (can get serious enough), on a bicycle, in a car, on a motorcycle or other. Stop doing something you love because of fear is a difficult one. Think I speak for the many saying this.

Some choose to end the chapter in their life, as a result of “happenstances”. Others choose to face their (potential) fear(s), learn, and move on. Guess I belong in the latter category. Doesn’t mean one is stupid, although it might take a person with similar passion(s) or interests to understand, and concur.

2021 season – the next “tool”

During fall/early winter I browsed classifieds. Visited dealers, looking for and at potential candidates. Made the decision early on it would not be a brand new one. After 3 “beemers” felt it was time to widen the scope. Look at and for alternatives. But what?

Those who’ve owned a BMW know it might not be so easy. Especially not in the adventure category. Less if it grows on you, which it will after some thousand kilometers or miles. Originally the plan was to get a last generation (2018) BMW R1200GS Adventure. With low mileage, and all bells and whistles.

After having seen, and rejected, several (for various reasons), one morning fate played a card in the form of an ad.  That same day I went up to the dealer. Over the weekend I did “a bit” of research. The following Monday I was owner of an “Austrian Orange”.

2021 season with an Austrian Orange

“Austrian Orange”, a KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

It sort of happened on a whim, basically. I bought the previous 4 bikes on a whim as well. Especially the 3 beemers. This time around, well, perhaps I fell for the orange color? Not entirely, although I quite like the design.

2021 season with an Austrian Orange

A rather idiosyncratic alien looking headlight. Great design IMO

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

The “Austrian Orange” , KTM 1290 Super Adventure, is a mighty beast. Known as the most powerful serial produced adventure motorcycle. I got a decent deal, it had only 10k km on the odometer. Since a 2019 model it carries plenty of factory warranty left, in Norway 5 years.

For me personally the break horsepower aspect of this bike’s engine doesn’t really matter. What matters, is low rpm torque, comfort and a whole host of electronic aids. To have a riding companion and adventure tool, suited for long distance journeys. Or local/regional rides. daytrips or weekend expeditions. On road as well as on gravel.

The bike was fitted with a set of new Michelin Anakee Adventure tires. I know these very well. You can read more about latest Anakee Adventure experiences here.  Nice to get familiar “shoes” on the new bike. Won’t get acquainted with it anytime soon. The motorcycle will remain in winter storage at my dealer till spring.

Meanwhile I’ll be planning some upgrades, some for comfort,  safety and visibility. More about that later.

9 thoughts on “The 2021 season – return to a passion

  1. Sad to see you leave the BMW-family, but since you did I like that you chose the KTM.
    Did you consider the Dunlop Trailmax Mission that is supposed to be the shit these days?

    • Well, time will show for how long. The bar is set high when one has ridden/owned a GSA for as long as I did. Hopefully my choice will prove to be a good one.

      Yes, but the 1290SAS is delivered with brand new Anakee Adventure. Actually a good thing, new bike, but familiar shoes. So I’ll run these down and then consider Trailmax Mission. If a change happens in 2021 comes down to how much riding I’ll do 🙂

  2. 2021 will be year for adventure bikes …cause everyone is looking for an adventure.

    • It’s been a trend over the course of many years. Am sure it will continue. As for the need for adventure, yeah once the pandemic fades out am sure there will be a lot of traveling, and a lot of riding! Lets hope for a good riding year 🙂

  3. Of all people, YOU chose to drink the orange kool-aid, hahahahaha! All the flac I took for my passion for orange, oh how the turntables 😀 Enjoy your new steed, I had a brief run on a 1290 and I quickly realized I am too young to die. Might get one in a few decades!

    Hope to see you on (and off) the road at some point during 2021.

    • Oh I wouldn’t know about flack or kool-aid to be honest with you. I will admit to have had some degree of skepticism though, with rgds to “Austrian oranges”. Still do, but am sure it’ unfounded and all will be fine.

      Regardless of brand one has to both adjust, and make adjustment. Stock seat is the first to go. Might as well have been a slab of concrete, absolutely horrible. The list of extras is building up (can winter end soon?).

      IMO any bike may quickly become a lethal weapon if ridden recklessly. For me it’s torque and low rpm grunt that counts. The 1290 needs the extra horses to level with the beemer. I wasn’t looking for an alternative but fate choose one 🙂

      Likewise! If you see a slow bloke on a 1290SAS then it could be me.

      • It was new bike day for me as well today, ended up with a 2021 Tenere 700. Ready to take on the wilderness! See you out and about.

        • Congrats! Slightly surprised you ended up with a T700, but it’s an excellent choie and a lot of bike for a very decent price. An ex-colleague of yours (colleague of mine) did the same last summer. Confident you will be exceedingly happy with the choice!

          • Thank you! Was drooling hard over the 890 Adventure Rally, but couldnt justify the 120k price gap from T7. Will do a few mods to the T7, but most of my off-roading will be slow and steady with camping gear, so no need for the most hard-core gear.

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