Tech. & Web

Open Source Technology

phpmysqlSince early 2000 I have worked with and been very interested in various types of Open Source related software, solutions and technologies. Mostly PHP/mySQL based ones, various CMS (Content Management Services) and other web applications.

Am not a code expert in general, but one does learn some tricks under way, not the least as a functional designer,  web designer and service architecture person.

I owe much of my insight and experience to all of those idealists who contributed to create something that has influenced the way applications and services have evolved all of the world. It’s difficult to see where we would be today without the open source approach and community.

Collaboration Services & Technology

A main field of interest since the mid/late 90s. Not only from a technological but also human/psychological and cultural point of view. Later half of the 90s we started a collaboration pilot in ABB Group, (former employer) enabling people around the world to collaborate, share documents, desktops and applications in real-time. It also provided our worldwide users with chat & on-line awareness. 

it quickly became evident that the service not only affected the way people would collaborate or communicate but also contributed to reduction of mails/mail usage. Above all, as people gradually began to explore the potential, one saved both time and money.

Today collaboration is more a standard than an exception in most medium and larger companies worldwide.

Service wise I have spent more than 17 years working with IBM/Lotus Domino products and consider myself an reasonably experienced administrator. In the last 8 years I have also been doing quite a few seminars and workshops. In all these I try to bring in the importance of the “the human counterpart” of technology and culture, also in respect of technology.

Seminar topics

  • (Virtual) Collaboration Philosophy & Culture, the human approach
  • Collaboration/Communication Strategy & Psychology
  • Global IS Architecture & Strategy & deployment
  • Collaboration Services Strategy & Deployment 
  • Systems Management, IS Architecture and “The Principle of Delegation”
  • Virtual Business & Project Collaboration
  • Use of Open Source Technology in corporate enterprise frameworks

Work that became hobbies

Technology has always fascinated me, as tools and instruments for making music and graphics. It has been hobby as well as profession. This interest and passion predates “the Atari days”.

It was quite amazing what people were capable of doing back in the early days of digital music. But good tools is less than half the job.

Graphics I’ve been doing since before the first versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on Mac. Check out the gallery if you ‘re interested. More pieces might surface… later.