“Safe renewal”, if you see it be wary

For a long time I’ve bought domain names, sometimes on a whim, just in case the name could have some form of business potential .. at one point. Truth is, rarely, well for me personally. A few friends and customers on the other hand might be happy for my creativity with regards to names, and concepts/design. Anyhow, been using register.com for a long time. When I first…read more>>

Running shoes, too many choices

I am not an fitness extremist, not by a long shot. If you’re in the 50 something, or older, having exercising routines is a good idea. In fact, it is a VERY good idea. Yet, do too much too sporadically, and that is not a good approach. Routines, however dreadful and boring it might sound, is what you need. Else you might end up doing a…read more>>