The world might need rocket scientists

… but I am not one of them. Nope, just a someone who might, occasionally, succeed in offering a healthy perspective, whether it’s about life, culture, politics, science, religion, technology, or something else. We’re an army out here, on the web, camping alongside the information super highway, a undefinable group of reasonably smart people, who every so often have something…read more>>

Social media for marketing

Like everyone else I get promotional mails, sales and marketing stuff in my inbox. The majority of these mails auto-magically ends up in the trash, labelled as spam. Thank heavens for improved spam filtering! Some mails I might hastily and/or accidentally scan through, even happens I read some. The reason, or inspiration, for this blog post, came in the…read more>>

What a wonderful world …

… isn’t just a clichè or … maybe it is, certainly quickly can be just that… a clichè. We know all too well that dark, stark, heavy, depressing realities pounds on our doors every day, doors here meant in a non-literal, symbolic term. For some the pounding might be stronger. If and when life & realities lead to sense of…read more>>

Running shoes, too many choices

I am not an fitness extremist, not by a long shot. If you’re in the 50 something, or older, having exercising routines is a good idea. In fact, it is a VERY good idea. Yet, do too much too sporadically, and that is not a good approach. Routines, however dreadful and boring it might sound, is what you need. Else you might end up doing a…read more>>

Job interview – what NOT to do

One time or another we’ve all been there (OK so almost all then), in a job interview, a project interview, applied for a position or role, perhaps a little excited or better/worse, over-excited, nervous, exalted and/or over-exalted. You might have spent the previous morning, day, evening and even night (with little sleep) pondering over what might happen, how…read more>>