GoPro Hero Black 4 production fault: 3 cameras, all faulty!

This morning I was about  to finalize a new blog in the series about motorcycle riding in Europe summer (2016). But something else turned up in my head, something that cannot get enough exposure. About the world famous camera from GoPro, and model Hero Black 4. So, here it GoPro’es.. Slightly before or around my return to riding motorcycles after 32+ years,…read more>>

Social media for marketing

Like everyone else I get promotional mails, sales and marketing stuff in my inbox. The majority of these mails auto-magically ends up in the trash, labelled as spam. Thank heavens for improved spam filtering! Some mails I might hastily and/or accidentally scan through, even happens I read some. The reason, or inspiration, for this blog post, came in the…read more>>