Mid-March is a climatically confusing period

Mid-March is a climatically confusing period in the SometimesBackwardsKingdom of Nor-Way. People (some) long (strongly) for spring. However, a) very b) awfully frequently these people find themselves in a emotional, fictitious battle. This battle takes place, every other day, with the not-to-want-to-perish King Winter. All while his “autobot” cannons, fires off an impressive amount of…read more>>

The world might need rocket scientists

… but I am not one of them. Nope, just a someone who might, occasionally, succeed in offering a healthy perspective, whether it’s about life, culture, politics, science, religion, technology, or something else. We’re an army out here, on the web, camping alongside the information super highway, a undefinable group of reasonably smart people, who every so often have something…read more>>