2017 Summer Adventure – Part 5, Wroclaw – Poland

Last Updated on: October 23, 2021

Had decided to avoid big cities during the summer’s adventure as much as possible. Primarily because of traffic (congestion) and heat. Better to hop on a plane, stay central and explore by foot or public transport.

Wroclaw was one of few exceptions.

Despite efforts, the GPS sometimes led me trough cities rather than around. Reason being quirky access to modes, and a setting to try to avoid freeways and bigger roads. As a result I of this experience am going to make some suggestions to Garmin regarding new functionality to improve user experience.

One being, quick change of navigation modes.

Wroclaw – Poland

is a charming city, one with a very long history (details here).  In short, the city is over a thousand years. By the way, Wroclaw is pronounced like this.  Much of the city was rebuilt from ruins after Russian shellfire in -45.

The town reminded me somewhat of Prague and a few other Central European cities. Probably because of its history, construction principles and period. Architecture was pretty spectacular and with its own particular approach or twist.

Having parked for the night and installed myself on the hotel, I went out and about to look at the things. Plus get something to eat and drink. it was getting a little late so I settled with exterior impressions. Of which there were quite a few delightful ones. Ended up dining at one of the two central squares in the old part of town, not far from the old town hall.

I left the next day but took quite a few pics, some of which actually didn’t turn out half bad. Since this adventure was less about cities, more about the journey and nature, I decided Wroclaw might be a town to return to, and explore more thoroughly another day.

Cutting it short this time but will be back with the next leg soon. Hope you like the pics!

Wroclaw - sculptures picture

Wroclaw sculptures: installed on the sidewalk right across from my hotel

Wroclaw Opera picture

Wroclaw Opera 

Wroclaw canal

The old town is partially surrounded by canals, and water from the river Oder.

Wroclaw main square picture

Wroclaw main square: one of two squares linked together in the old town

Wroclaw Town Hall picture

Close-up of Wroclaw Town Hall

Wroclaw Second square picture

The second square in the old city, and also my dining place


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