2017 Summer Adventure Part 2, Sweden & South

Last Updated on: October 23, 2021

Mentioned in the the first post I stayed at my friends place in southern Sweden for a couple of days. This year I had decided to make it a more downbeat summer’s journey.

We rode some smallways in the countryside and wood’ish landscape of Scania (Skåne) County. Although flat as (almost) a pancake, at least compared to what I’m used to, it has its definite charm. And a well developed network of small-roads.

Flat with some minor hills, much resembling Denmark

Vacation in July means unstable summer weather

in later years more and more the hallmark of July. One may argue or contest the question evolving around and about climatic change & our role. Fact is, the changes are for real, and they happen ever faster. One consequence being, in Scandinavia, that Summer often is a wet period. With clear peaks in July.

Still weather granted us with dispersed clouds in the beginning, good enough for us to make a return back to base before it switched to piss-mode.

Smallways riding in Skåne, my friend on his Harley up in front.

Boring to some, but with its own charm

Yes, the region has its own feeling, and a long history with regards to settlements. Instead of starting to list up it makes more sense to refer to this page. But in brief, old viking and farming territory, also the place for many disputes and wars between Denmark and Sweden.

Old building in Skåne

And old thatched roof building we rode past, for living or food storage not sure.

Smallways intersection in Skåne

illustrates pretty well the type of roads you find here

We rode around for a bit, through some very scenic, nice parks before it was time to return. Just in time to avoid a rain shower I was well equipped for, but my friend not so much 🙂

Lillly covered lake in Skåne

We rode through a park and stopped by this pretty little lake on our return to base

Day 3 – Swiftly through Denmark to the ferry

While in Sweden and without any concrete plan I made the decision to ride down through parts of Denmark and catch the ferry from Gedser to Rostock. I’d never taken this ferry before. Since my sketches of a plan was to head south via the eastern part of Germany, later over into and through Poland, this choice made sense.

From the tip of Falster – Denmark there’s the ferry to Rostock. From the island Lolland and the city Rødby, you can go to Puttgarten which is the western choice. Both takes about 45 minutes. The other alternative would be to ride through a greater part of Sjælland, Fyn and half of Jylland. I did that last year (blog post here), a often very windy and definitely more time consuming alternative.

Approximately 3.5hrs later, with just a stop or two, I was queued up waiting to board the ferry along with some other motorcycle people from various countries.

Summer ferry ride 1

Waiting to ride onboard the Gedser – Rostock ferry

It’s a pleasant trip. If good weather like I had one just relaxes on deck 🙂

About an hour later I was in Germany, and on the European continent. More about that in the next blog.

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