Spring is on, spring is here

Last Updated on: July 29, 2018

.. and that is a true blessing for those of us living up north, especially those who are tired of darkness, of short days, snow, icy and slippery roads, freezing feet, gusts of icy cold winds literally blowing from all directions.

Good news; spring is coming very early this year. Bad news; spring is coming very early this year.


Like many others, maybe you too (?) I am concerned for our environment, the global climate. Concerned when, to the best of my abilities, I am unable to recall any such climatic pattern we’ve seen over the last decade, or couple of decades. It is an inescapable fact, however you add it up, conditions as well as symptoms are changing rapidly.

Good news for some almost always means bad news for someone else.

This is our global climatic karma if you like, and few places symptoms of warming are more visible, more present, than up in the north. Although I will be quick to add, the changes have come so far they are now very present, everywhere.

Without any exceptions, closing our eyes will not make things go away.

globalwarming01Behind us we have, in some certain part of my country as well as elsewhere, one of the more extreme winters in history. Evidences and signs that the weather pattern is changing, and changing radically.

Climatic change is also about cooling, Like we saw in Northeastern US this winter. Extreme snowfall, blizzards or storms, maybe not entirely uncommon, but the extremes of late are more unusual.

We have seen it here too, in my country, as the high and midlands of Norway was buried under 8-9ft of snow this winter.

To (still) debate whether or not we are the main cause, or a (significant) part of the reason why extreme changes are happening, has in my honest opinion ignorance painted all over it. Anyone who can read basic signs will have to agree that, at best, we only contribute to making things accelerate, now into a stage which is more or less irreversible.

At worst, we and our yearn for more materialism is THE reason why all climatic factors, all climatic processes, run ever faster. The human race is the main catalyzing component, and in the driver’s seat.

All hope is however not lost, but as capitalism is driven by, and controlled by, supply and demand, we the consumers need to dictate our demands. We, the consumers, need to use our influence ever more, to point in the direction we consider to be the more sustainable, the more viable, and the less damaging.