Southwest weekend, a 2022 mini adventure (1)

Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

South southwest of Norway was my target during first half of June 2022. Inspired by a friend who went the same direction a week before.  

It would be only a two day adventure. Had chosen a place I knew from before, at a great location. Will come back to that later. The weather forecast was ok, better further south. Packed the motorcycle and left early on Saturday morning.

2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure

The 2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure packed & ready

Southwest from Oslo

If you ride southwest from Oslo that means passing through Drammen. Unless one plans to explore the region E18 is the common route to blaze past the town. Which is what I did, down to Sande. I am not a big fan of freeways, Autobahn or motorways. Much rather prefer like riding on small roads.

But If you have time constraints, roaming around is not a good idea. Tempus fugit as one says. Long since lost count of how many times I’ve been there, losing track of time. But this time it wasn’t an issue, and I could easily reach the destination and still have fun. Messing around was the only plan, apart from the destination.

At the E18 exit to Sande, hopped on smaller roads in direction of Hvittingfoss. And further past Skien, with Treungen as a lunch target. I’ve included the full GPS track at the bottom, in case someone would like to try the route. The further southwest the more landscape variation. Past Gautefall I stopped to take in the scenery.

SOuthwest. past Gautefall Norway

Past Gautefall on Fv358. This kind of view fills me with excitement

Southwest to Treungen – Åmli

As always, the plan was to get to ride some gravel & dirt roads not ridden before. Sometimes you find them by just taking off from your route. When you choose to explore a bit beyond the scope of your GPS screen. Sometimes it’s a dead end. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Right after Haugjåsund Camping I took off to the right, onto Fv352. Pavement for the first few miles, then past a power station the road turned to gravel. The road divided into two and I found myself in a familiar position.

Southwest adventure: choices

Choices choices…

Both these gravel road led to nowhere. Quite often the best roads lead to nowhere. Which means you have the pleasure of riding the road in both directions.  I chose one of them, and it led me up and further in.

Southwest of Norway, higher up and further in

Southwest of Norway, higher up and further in

The road got narrower and narrower. Finally I could see the end of it on the GPS, a mountain up ahead. So turned around.

Back down on Rv43 I turned southwest in direction of Åmli. It was time for a quick lunch. Bakeries are the main source of cheap and sensible lunches in the country, Although gas stations, that all basically have turned into food marts, also offer bakery products. I prefer the bakeries.

Small roads northwest

Leaving Åmli I crossed over the river Nidelva, and took a small road up along the western side on Fv277. It started on pavement and turned into gravel before ending a bridge as shown below. Google Maps only shows street view of this road till where the pavement ends.

Small bridge in Agder

“County road end” the sign says. Yeah looks like it.

A little further up and you find the above bridge. On the other side Fv271 which is an awesome pavement road. Plenty of sharp turns while it high er up and across a county border (From Agder to Vestfold & Telemark).

Along Fv271 in Norway

A glimpse of the lower part of Fv271

2022 was the year power companies almost completely emptied reservoirs in pursuit of money. The excuse was needed export of electricity. The subsequent consequences was equally high electricity prices in Norway as in rest of Europe, sometimes even higher! And depletion of water reserves.

Lake Nesvatn June 2022

Lake Nesvatn, provoking to see what mindlessness had led to

it was aggravating to ride past some of the lakes, and see what capitalism running wild had led to. Infuriating to say the least. And I was later to see more of the same madness. During summer the rage grew, and the politicians were forced to implement regulations.

I’ve not been up there this year, but I’ve seen other reservoirs with normal level of water.


Fyresvatn, a lake in Norway

Lake Fyresvatn

The road changes names as you cross the county border. Then again while you get further north. After a while, coming across the mountain plains and beginning on the descent, lake Fyresvatn came into sight. I rode down to and along the lake to the north side, then turned south towards Fyresdal.

Fyresdal Bed & Breakfast

Parked for the night outside Fyresdal Bed & Breakfast

Early evening I parked the motorcycle in front of Fyresdal Bed & Breakfast. A great place discovered some years ago that sadly have become pricey this year. Well pricey as opposed to what they charged in 2022. Guess they too have to make up for lost income during corona. Its the same story all over, and not only in Norway.

For other places to stay in the area see this list. Camping and camping cabins is another option. One I’ll definitely resort to more often this year.

Northwest two day trip map

Northwest two day trip map.

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