Sometimes change feels good, sometimes it feels bad

Last Updated on: October 24, 2015

“There’s nothing new under the sun”, a saying goes. Astrophysics teaches us, if you stay reasonably updated, that with the ability to gaze deeper and deeper into the universe, i.e. farther and farther back in time, we can see galaxies being born, stars being born.


We observe it, all the way back to the beginning of the universe. We see change, from the beginning of time itself, this creation’s time, this (last) Big UltraBang. From that moment, change was set in motion. Unstoppable change, lasting change, with dynamics and forces operating on such a vast scale that 15+ billion  years later the process is still in motion.

The universe keeps expanding, seemingly infinitely.


Change is a substantial part of our lives, change is in the fabric of our lives, from cradle to grave, physically as well as mentally. Sometimes welcome, sometimes unwelcome. We struggle to keep things constant, unchangeable. At other times we yearn for change, long to succumb to the mighty forces of change.

Sometimes we give ourselves in to change, like a fallen leaf drifting down a stream, succumbed to forces of nature.

What we think, feel or want with regards to change, has little impact on the process of life. However much we to try to shield, protect or insulate ourselves from change, however much we invest energy, time, money and resources, change is and always will be, as unstoppable as a breeze over a mountain ridge.

You cannot stop the wind, you cannot still a breeze.


Thank you for reading this post, be well.

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