Silence, but there’s life alright

Last Updated on: December 2, 2022

Silence it’s good, every so often. Guess I went empty, sort of. That, and summer season never is a high for me writing-wise. 

Think I went a bit sour in my pursuit to finish off the story about last year’s escapades. So silence was needed. And that coincided with the beginning of the motorcycle season. In these parts of the world it’s (too) short. So one has to make the best out of it.

Silence -in the mountains in may

Silence – in the mountains in May

You have to extrapolate on possibilities and, importantly, on weather. Or, plainly put, maximize possibilities.

Breaking silence

There’s been plenty of shorter expeditions. During spring and early summer. Those have carried on into the summer. In-between that and work, before vacation start, I had no energy for anything else so silence was the only option. Yeah well I’ll finish off the previous series later. Sometime during fall.

Over the mountains - Panoramavegen

May: riding “Panoramavegen” (the panoramic road), from Valdres to Hemsedal

While at it I’ll also try not to be so bloody long winded. Over-saturate posts with details. Although inclusion of details are done with a purpose. Who knows, someone else would find those details, or tips, useful. You might not believe it, but I do! It does happen I forget something, and return to my blog, to search for things.

Nothing jogs your memory like written words!

Silence - in the woods

June: Norway is a gravel country. With a gazillion awesome roads

2022 Euro project – south

Originally I had in my mind to ride down through Europe this year as well. Had no specific plans (this is perfectly normal) but a few ideas. Those “plans” or ideas were brought to a halt, while still in Denmark a few weeks back.

Bikers Rest, Denmark

About half an hour from the Ferry to Norway, along Trudslevsvej, you find Biker’s rest

It all started pretty well. First a couple of nights at Bikers rest, a place I recommend all bikers to check out and try! Cheap and great for an overnight stay or even more. It has everything you need. You can buy breakfast and prepare it yourself. Dinner places can be found at Løkken.

Bikers rest have bicycles you can borrow, for free. Useful if you want to get down to Løkken, and have had a few beers.

Tent up at MC Touring Camp

Tent up at MC Touring Camp Denmark.

The good feeling wasn’t to last. While at MC Touring camp in Denmark (also worth trying) woke up during the first and only night in my tent, with distinct ribs pain. Suffice to say, it wasn’t a particularly good night. The following morning I had difficulty in getting out of the tent. So packing up took forever.

Broken ribs

Right before leaving home I helped a carpenter lifting some beams. First lift went fine, the second… well not so much. A *clonck*  or *snap* feeling in the chest had me stop momentarily. Those who’ve had the experience know rib fractures takes some days before the “blooming” occurs. Normally around a short week.

So also with me. Just so damn unlucky I was laying on the ground, in a tent, when it happened.

Fortunately, sitting on a motorcycle was less of problem. One sits very upright on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. That helps. So I carried on, from Jylland in Denmark, over to Fyn, then stayed one night in Copenhagen. At a fairly expensive hotel. Needed a good bed. And a shower. None of this resulted in a good night though.

Uddevalla Sweden

Just outside Uddevalla Sweden. it was extremely windy on fhe motorways

The next day I carried on through Sweden, and home.

Shit happens, but

Returning home I went to my doctor. Yep, one, possibly two, broken ribs. It’ll be alright. There will be other opportunities. I’ve tried some shorter rides, but nothing more. Hopefully there will be an opportunity later. Like late August or early September. That would be nice indeed.

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