Running shoes, too many choices

Last Updated on: March 10, 2015

exercise02I am not an fitness extremist, not by a long shot. If you’re in the 50 something, or older, having exercising routines is a good idea. In fact, it is a VERY good idea.

Yet, do too much too sporadically, and that is not a good approach. Routines, however dreadful and boring it might sound, is what you need. Else you might end up doing a whole lot of sweating and go through a whole lot of pain for little gain.

A good routine could be for instance 20-30 minutes run every other day, or say 4-5 times a week. A bike trip, or visit to the gym if you prefer. Combine and create variations is smart.

Whatever you do, recent studies show that a lot of us train with little or no effect. The best is Interval Training, tempo changes, uphill and downhill.

Anyhow… this was slightly besides the point, I was going to rant about…

Running shoes choices = nightmare

Not thinking about prices, although you can easily spend a small fortune on running shoes. With normal use, they last for 2-3 years. Which if you’ve shelled out say $US 200-300 is a bit annoying.

But the biggest challenge is finding something that fits, something that works, for the purpose, for legs & feet. Shoes that are correctly adjusted to you, your pronation, your running style. And of course, runner should should feel good too. But how can one possibly know or discover that, either by hopping, walking or jogging around in the store?

addidas_questarYou can’t. however much one tests and evaluates, it’s  a little bit of lotto.

This is why I always “hate” getting new ones when it’s time. It is truly a nightmare. Choices, choices and more choices. Convincing salespeople, who gives you too much or too little info. Who may be a bit evasive when you try to get professional opinions.

You might return home with a wrong pair, wrong type, shoes that doesn’t work, which is especially annoying if they are bloody expensive.

This time I went for something cheaper than the previous pair. First Adidas shoes I’ve had in ages. A test lap resulted in a preliminary conclusion; not bad, not excellent, much softer, a bit on the spongy side.

Time will tell if this works better. There are as many opinions about the ideal as there are shoes. The nightmare of choices is if nothing else history… for a while.