Romjul, good time for reclining or winding down

Last Updated on: March 5, 2017

“Romjul” is the Norwegian name for the period between Christmas eve and New Years eve. Many here takes either the whole week or some days off work. Bank Holidays and when they occur usually determines  for how long.

A "Nisse" in front of tree, romjul

Our “Nisse” posing or guarding the Christmas tree. I could dub him Mr. Romjul now 🙂

I had some days saved up and had to spend them prior to years end, feels good, weather’s been it usual stranger self, which means complete absence of winter, temperature hovering between 0 and 4+/5+C. The only white observed has been occasional frost on lawn, trees, bushes and roofs.

2016 – an eventful year

at least for me. Didn’t start very well but things picked up, new and interesting job in a great company, new motorcycle. Summer followed up with an adventure through parts of Europe on two wheels, solo style.

Those who’ve see the blogs here know,  those not well, I could perhaps try to tempt your curiosity by saying there are some good pictures in them.

Fall passed with more cool two wheel expeditions. I didn’t park until November 2nd but since there I could have been riding on a lot of days, or occasions. Been considering to get a second one, a smaller, enduro style thing, for riding under these conditions. But this far it’s stopped with flipping ads.

Winter view picture

Pretty much how it looks here now

No MC Riding, more playing

So there’s been a lot more keyboard playing than earlier in the ear. Almost feel ready to get started with the sequencer again, decent ideas have drifted past me, perhaps something that would be worth recording?

Could be, during an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 earlier this year the sequencer conked out. Guess I used that as an excuse not to get started earlier.

I purchased a new software package from Spectrasonics called Keyscape. If you’re into music or playing it’s well worth checking out. The collection has some of the most fantastic sounds I’ve ever used! These compelled or commanded me me to solve a long lasting issue with my sequencer.

Turned out to be easy, just had to take a closer look at the driver setup, Hey Presto!

But, when you’ve been away from recording it is a little hard to get started, still. It’s not that I don’t have idea, those float by, sometimes a lot of them. Which is both good and bad, since many tend to fade away or be forgotten quickly. I know I should have written them down, or merely recorded snippets. But more often than not the initiative fades out into procrastination.

Need to get into the habit of being more structured with music again. Willful, determined. I need to start the new year with this attitude, and maybe, who knows, there will be some new music. We shall see.

I have done something this christmas though, so not entirely unproductive. Wrapped up work with a web site for a friend and musician. Turned out pretty good?

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