Rides & Adventures in Norway

Rides and Adventures in Norway is an overview page, of posts about various rides in Norway. From the more local to the more lengthy adventures.

Lots of pictures from around the country over in the Galleries & Photos section.

Pics time Transalp on October ride

Pics from another Autumn ride, season not over yet!

Autumn have clenched its cold fist around most of Norway. Sent gusts of cold polar winds down along the coastline, across mountains and into valleys.  ...
Norwegian Smallways Picture

Autumn ride & homeland nature (Part 1)

I've been posting lots from the summer's adventure of late. Therefore thought it might be high time for something else for a change. Like pictures ...

Biker’s log; a beautiful day on the road to somewhere

The summer wasn't much to write about this year (in Norway), although statistically speaking it might very well have been around average. Not sure, but August ...