Rides & Adventures in Norway

Rides and Adventures in Norway is an overview of posts about various rides in Norway. From local to the more lengthy ones. 

Working on getting more posts out. Lots of pictures from around the country over in the Galleries & Photos section.

Jotunheimen National Park, my destination for the day

Jotunheimen and northwards, summer ride 2

Jotunheimen in Norway is a national park and  mountainous area of roughly 3,500 km².  July 26th I left Oslo for another Norwegian long weekend  ride ...
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Flatdal (Flat valley) Norway, mid-July 2019

Lysebotn in western Norway, day 1&2

Lysebotn is a name that might not mean anything to lots of people. If you are a motorcycle rider, and have been in Norway, Lysebotn ...
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Eidsfoss inn

Spring riding motorcycle style in Norway

Spring riding in Norway can be fun. Especially on the days when temp suddenly flips into early summer level, with snow across fields and along ...
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Local smallways

Motorcycle trips and adventures in Norway

Since not failing to mention (already) the very late spring in Norway this year, it won't be repeated again. Suffice to say we've just put ...
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Pics time Transalp on October ride

Pics from another Autumn ride, season not over yet!

Autumn have clenched its cold fist around most of Norway. Sent gusts of cold polar winds down along the coastline, across mountains and into valleys.  ...
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Autumn ride & homeland nature (Part 1)

Autumn ride & homeland nature (Part 1)

I've been posting lots from the summer's adventure of late. Therefore thought it might be high time for something else for a change. Like pictures ...
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Biker’s log; a beautiful day on the road to somewhere

The summer wasn't much to write about this year (in Norway), although statistically speaking it might very well have been around average. Not sure, but August ...
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