Rapidly through Germany to Switzerland (2022-2)

Last Updated on: December 10, 2023

Riding rapidly through Germany on the way south made sense. Especially as we only had 12 days at our disposal.

Early on I hadn’t made any definite decision about direction. Decided on a southern route that kept alternatives open. The weather forecast did seem to rule out some of the options. The next few days would influence choices. Riding down through Europe mid/late September it’s sensible to keep all options open for as long as you can. At least if weather matters!

Morning view in Friederichstadt, Germany

Morning view in Friederichstadt, Germany

Rendez-vous in Glûckstadt

I had a whole day to spend in Schleswig Holstein while waiting for my friend Truls-Erik to arrive later PM. It all started well. Made a stop at a KTM/BMW dealer just outside Flensburg to get some stuff and look at motorcycles. Here I also found a fully restored diesel Royal Enfield, looking brand new.

DIesel Royal Enfield motorcycle

A diesel Royal Enfield motorcycle on display

Further outdoor sightseeing plans were quite literally washed away. A pretty heavy rain system drifted into the region. I don’t mind riding in the rain, well lets call it a not too pleasant necessity. Fortunately, later in the afternoon the rain stopped. And I set course for our rendez-vous spot.

Glückstadt is situated by the river Elbe. We intended take the Glückstadt – Wischafen ferry the next morning, and continue rapidly through Germany. It would perhaps have been more rapid to ride through Hamburg. But the city and main routes are sometimes plagued with traffic congestion.

Motorcycle parking in Gluckstradt

Motorcycle parking on the main square in Glückstadt

A little before 6PM Truls-Erik arrived, having ridden through Jylland/Denmark with few stops. He had better timing than me with regards to weather. Lodge for the night was Anno Hotel am Markt. A nice hotel, by the main square in town.

Riding rapidly through Germany

The next morning after a good breakfast we took the ferry and continued south. Still hadn’t given up all plans on riding into the Alps. But it did not look promising. Well, fact is it didn’t look promosing even as we got on the ferry!

Darkness and rain cloud looming

Truls-Erik is from Bergen, so looming darkness/wetness doesn’t bother him.

The ride southwest was basically pretty wet. With showers ranging from the intense to the not so intense. We continued south past Hannover, while staying off the Autobahn as much as we could. And finally ended up in Höxter, a small, cute town I’d been in before.

Rapidly through Germany: Hotel Höxter Am Jakobsweg

Hotel Höxter Am Jakobsweg, nice place to stay!

If you ever come this way Hotel Höxter Am Jakobsweg is a great choice. A bikers sort of hotel, with motorcycle parking, nice big rooms and great food!

Schnitzel all the way

They know their Schnitzel at this hotel!

Next morning it became apparent that an Alpine project would not happen. Unusually cold weather and snow had descended on a greater part of the Alps. So I made the decision to set course for southern France, via Switzerland.

The riding rapidly through Germany picked up speed considerably. Autobahn riding is boring but practical.

Rapidly through Germany into to Switzerland and Cressier

Late evening we arrived in Cressier, Switzerland

Some very windy and somewhat rainy 800 or so kilometers later we rolled into Cressier, in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The last 100 kilometers gave reason for optimism, and weather change.

Cressier Switzerland, old town

The old town at night, Cressier Switzerland

After a decent meal walked around for a bit. Felt good after so many hours in the saddle. The next day we would cross the border and ride further south, into France.

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