Opening of the motorcycle season 2017, an early start!

Last Updated on: July 29, 2018

I don’t know if you read my previous motorcycle blog post, written before i got the motorcycle out of winter storage. Spring time came, and with it finally I could get the BMW R1200RT out of winter storage. Turned out it wasn’t keen waking up, shake months of sleep off it’s spark plugs and cylinder jars. For as it were….

Motorcycle downer – It wouldn’t wake up easily

Nope, in fact, it took a a lot of persuasion. The guy at the store tried to start it, apparently not in the right fashion. It got raw, coughed, and stopped. I didn’t store it at a BMW dealer, guess the guy wasn’t too accustomed to the German machinery. And he was startled by the alarm going off. So had to go around and get it in the back.

After some persuasion it came to life, did the first miles of two-wheel freedom. Felt great, and in the first days of April!

Stopover on the first day picture

2 miles done, just had to stop and take it in, what a joy!

A few days later, finally weekend and the weather was ok. What else sensible is there to do but to get in the saddle? 🙂

R1200RT Motorcycle- first spring ride picture

Out and about with the 1200RT on the first spring ride. here at a local dam

The last weeks with the RT

Mentioned before I had, already before start of the season, decided to change bike. Have a lot of catching up to do. For those who are looking for a touring motorcycle, one that can take you (almost) anywhere, and even do a bit of gravel riding (in cautious mode), I can highly recommend the RT.

If you’re a tall guy, even more so. The only thing I can put my finger on is the wind screen, taller people would need a top spoiler at minimum. Other than that, I would say you’d have to look hard and long to find any real touring contenders in the +/- 1200 cc class. It has power, comfort, riding quality, sportiness, and storage space. All in quantities enough to dwarf most of its competitors.

A trusty, fun, comfy companion

We did almost 15,000 kilometers  together, me and the RT. Countless trips around in the country, one major trip down through Scandinavia, through Europe, documented in earlier blog posts. For me, coming back to riding motorcycle in 2015 after over 32 years of absence, it was an adventure. An experience I’ll remember even if it will be followed by similar ones.

There’s always something special about the first… well.. something. Anyways, there was this about changing motorcycle. About considering alternatives, you can read more about that…. sometime later 🙂

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