New year, clean slate? Don’t know about that, but…

Last Updated on: January 1, 2016

..making promises at the end of the old year, for the new year, to myself, and keep them, yep, tried and failed. Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, whether associated with a new year, new beginning or clean slate kinda feeling, those do lead … somewhere. 

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(image above: 20-30 mins of fiddling with an old version of Photoshop)

Making it a new start? Doing a (light/heavy) reboot? A kick-my-butt symbolic fresh start? A page turn?

I’ll speak for myself, there’s a whole lotta things I would like to change. There’s a whole lotta things I SHOULD change. Doesn’t hurt to try to make changes as the new year begins. Ah yeah… started early, (finally) fixed mobile responsiveness on this page, should look and work better on cell phone too now. 🙂

Yes, symbols can have power, they can matter to us, they can help. But it all comes down to you, me, to us. A point of focus, a new horizon to gaze at, something to steer forth to and, as important, for. Now those are useful aspects of a symbolic change.

A new year might be the symbolic fuel needed, for lots of things. Making a change, sustain change, sustain improvements and preserve life’s dynamics, learn new things. Do boring things, because sometimes one has to repeat an exercise to make things stick.

Sometimes progress comes slowly but the power of slowness should not be underestimated. Even if change only by an inch, still is movement! The will to go on, another mile, ten, even if uphill, even if steep. It might even be a long hill but who cares? Our life is a journey, whether we sit, walk or run.

There’s always potential, always opportunity for those who keep going, keep moving.

Looking back on this year guess I, as well as anyone else who care to look back, to gauge, weigh. will find plenty of potential for improvements. I want to get started, on a new beginning. Make changes, improvements. Creativity, that is important. Regardless of what you’re into, write, play, create, with whatever means, talent or degree of proficiency, be creative.

While this year did not go well with regards to creativity, speaking for myself, I have hopes things will pick up.


Hope is important but hope alone does not make changes. Hope connected with will, and with action, that is a better formula.

I need action, and that is the plan, be more active in all respects, physically as well as mentally. Learn new things, finish projects, and generally be more creative.  Amen..

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