A new two-wheel “toy”, and it’s really an Adventure!

Last Updated on: June 18, 2024

I’ve been bitten by MC excitement bug, again. But it won’t always be about this topic, even if right now it might look like kinda one-sided. but as spring evolves into later spring, and summer, I’ll post more pictures, again.

BMW R1200GS Adventure

April 3rd 2017: After a brief test ride the 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure i racing read was mine

It’s was an MC Adventure

to ride two-wheel style back in the later half of the 70s. I started on a Honda 100cc which was pretty cool at the time. Two years later a Suzuki 750cc water cooled two-stroke engine. These motorcycles, if well restored or mint kept are today worth a small fortune. Mechanically they’re pretty unique, and now considered fairly rare gems.

Not long after I hopped on the first four stroke, GS750, at the time an advanced and extremely comfortable motorcycle. The transition between the two was pretty significant, both in the sense of available power and handling. The GS750 took me on many rides and remained a companion for quite some time.

I’ve actually thought about buying one of these again, and keep it for fun and Sunday riding.

Mentioned before the interest carried me into the beginning of the 80s. Then it was a complete halt, that lasted for over 32 years. I guess it happens to a lot of us, life, work, family and so forth. For some interest might prevail all transitions, for me it vanished…. until 2015.

At time of writing I’ve had the new motorcycle for 10 days. As title suggests…

Now It IS an MC Adventure

Indeed, Monday April 3’rd 2017 I went to look at and try an almost new BMW R1200GS Adventure (GSA) 2016. It had only 1610 kilometer of riding, so almost brand new. Skeptical at first, because Adventure bikes are a vastly different experience from the touring ones I’d been riding.

BMW R1200GSGSA picture

So finally there it was, a BMW R1200GS Adventure 2016.

The OEM Windscreen immediately turned out to be fairly useless, not a surprise. It will be changed for something better. Other than that, what a machine! The motorcycle answer to a Swiss Army Knife!  This bike is considered to be the archetype of Adventure motorcycles, and has evolved into becoming a huge success for its maker.

BMW R1200GSA - off road picture

First time offroad with the GSA. We ride gravel, dirt, winding roads through woods and over hills.

I’ve had it on freeways, on normal roads, narrow roads, bad roads, on tarmac, gravel and dirt. There’s simply nothing this motorcycle won’t do well.handling is amazing, much thanks to its high tech construction, and impressive suspension. That a bike this size and weight can feel so light, so nimble and easy to handle is a testament to seriously advanced engineering.

BMW R1200GSA & Honda CRF1000LL picture

BMW GSA and Honda AfricaTwin out in the woods, where they definitely both belong and thrive

2017 season – Adventures on an Adventure

That’s the plan. Originally I thought about heading south again, towards the Alps. Now I am considering to do a Norwegian coastal trip north. Now an older bloke with no responsibility for kids I’ve come to like NOT to make plans. But act spontaneously. Let weather and GPS decide where to ride, and where to go.

That brought me an adventure or series of adventures last year, 2017 it will be adventures on an Adventure.

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