MusicCast technologies, solutions, and choice

MusicCast systems and solutions exist in plenty. From the inexpensive or cheap, like Chromecast from Google, to the (very) expensive. Somewhere in-between, a choice for me.

The starting point

For some time I’ve been wanting to have a music-cast or streaming setup for a pair of active speakers (inbuilt amplifier) in our living room. Something flexible, adaptable. Something easy to use. With decent (or better) sound quality.

Our speakers are on the wifi network, and have internet radio integrated. One can hook up pods, pads, phones, and a variety of digital or analog auxiliary devices, with cable.

Additionally, which usually is the case with wifi related speakers, you can stream music from a NAS (network storage device) on the wireless network. All well and good, but it’s not very user friendly. A lousy and (far too) cheap remote doesn’t help the least bit.

By the way, the scenario would not have been much different with  a (analog) amplifier and a set of speakers. Minus, of course, the network/wifi capabilities of the active speakers.

MusicCast research & criteria

After a bit of research on various solutions, from $$ too $$$($) I narrowed it down by defining a few criteria. Didn’t want, or need, an expensive, sophisticated solution. The streaming format most likely would be the biggest limitation or weakest link anyway. Some friends have elaborate setups, and seemingly happy, but for me it would be a waste of money.

Secondly, didn’t want to spend a huge wad on technology that very likely would be outdated in a matter of months or, at best, a few years. And, with my speakers, even though they re really brilliant for their value, would also be a limitations.

MusicCast: the modest. inconspicuously looking Yamaha WXAD-10

The modest. inconspicuously looking Yamah WXAD-10

MusicCast choice & solution

Finally, I landed on Yamaha WXAD-10. Not the cheapest but a product in the lower end of the price spectrum. Claimed to deliver excellent sound quality. Supported by a easy to use app for iPhone/Pad or Android, permitting streaming from various types of digital media.

The box, small and inconspicuous by design, has gotten several good/decent reviews, one such you may read here.  Might lack some features, but none we will miss in this household.

The rear of Yamaha WXAD-10

The rear of Yamaha WXAD-10

The rear has basic digital/analog ports, that should cover all needs.

We use Spotify for the most part. I’ve had Spotify access since before it went public (got a test account for free during the beta period). The software has improved significantly over the years, and the sound quality, well maybe not top notch (Tidal has HiFi mode) but good enough for us.

The living room setup. To the left; WXAD-10, on the right; Aktimate Maxi speaker

installation, setup & verdict

Received in the mail and time to set it up. Which was very easy. very straight forward. The box has its own Wifi for setup purpose, all you have to do is to install the Yamaha MusicCast app from either GooglePlay or iTunes. Then just follow instructions.

All set I turned on Spotify, found some well known songs and was instantly blown away. The WXAD-10 clearly was a perfect choice for us. Now the household can easily access and play music from their own devices.

If you’re considering to get a cheap music-cast system, with good sound quality, well look no further OR consider this unit.

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