With motorcycles parked one does winter things

When I bought my second motorbike I did think about putting spike tires on and ride during winter.

It didn’t happen. Guess I am too chicken 🙂

As the temp dropped below freezing I parked it. It’s been in the backyard under a tarp since early November. Weather and winter will decide for how long. Yes, other activities…

Winter fun: skiing Nordic style

is a great form of exercise. Few sports challenges such a diversity of muscles as Nordic skiing, or cross-country. How much of a challenge  depends what you make out of it. It doesn’t have to be very demanding, or pretty much like walking.

My take is to try to push myself a bit, a chance to stay reasonably fit, when bicycle isn’t an option. Am heavily into interval training, and believe is sequential loading.

2018 brought a good old fashion winter to my region. After a few years of little snow this winter has been excellent. Which means I don’t have to go very far to enjoy skiing.

A plethora of route options

There are a lot of tracks and route options around Oslo. They are well kept and prepped all winter, if there’s enough snow. Like today, track prepping machines were out early in the morning to give people a good experience. During weekends, especially Sunday’s it’s packed with people. Makes sense to start early to avoid skiing rush hour.

Saturdays and Sundays are the best options for me. We also have smaller laps/tracks with lights so you can see in the later afternoon or evening. Not done that so far this year, but might.

Anyhow, that’s it really.

Fantastic winters day mid January

One of those winter days

One of those days out in the woods, perfect conditions, perfect skiing weather

Out on a frozen lake

Out on a frozen lake, skiing across

Ideal conditions

Mid/late January 2018 and the conditions were near perfect.


Nature’s winter decor comes in all shapes 🙂

An overcast winter day late January

Wet, grey & mild

Wet, grey & mild, but the skiing was good, and the glide phenomenal.

Wet, sticky snow

Wet, sticky snow from the night before covered all trees.

Signpost on a lake

You find them all over in the woods, routes are well marked (except for a few)

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