Motorcycle tires – experiences

Everyone has different motorcycle tires experiences. Everyone has different opinions. However much you read yourself up, it’s not exact science. Below some of my impressions, gathered over the past few years. 

Metzeler Karoo Street tire

A Karoo Street road test

A Karoo Street first real road test came came May 207. I did ca. 415 kilometers, or 258 miles, on various types of surfaces. My ...
My GS Adventure fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 tire

Tire-some topic (again), and a “bold” decision

Tire-some yet important topic for us who rides motorcycles. I am talking about tires. I see lots of praise, of many types of tires. Most ...
April 3rd 2017: Just got the GS Adventure with factory fitted Michelin Annakee 3 tires

Tires, a tiring topic you cannot retire from

Since picking up riding again, after more than a quarter of a century "in darkness", the topic around and about tires bounces back, all the ...