Motorcycle riding in Norway

Last Updated on: April 19, 2024

Motorcycle riding in Norway can be an unforgettable experience during (late) spring, summer or autumn. Almost regardless of weather. 

Motorcycle riding in Norway , July 2021

Motorcycle riding in north of Norway , July 2021

Motorcycle riding in Norway & weather

Weather in Norway is unpredictable. Regardless of time of the the year. The country is a fantastic destination in all respects, except for beach life. You come to Norway despite the weather, not because of the weather. “Heat waves” do occur, though not very often.

Motorcycle riding in Norway: Møre og Romsdal

July 2021: on small roads in Møre og Romsdal.

I got to experience a lot of Norwegian weather and wetness in 2021. Had decided to ride north, via Lofoten, to Tromsø and later Nordkapp. This was in July that year. First half of July is traditionally regarded as a wet period by northerners. You have to be prepared for wetness, for lots of rain, and low temperatures.

If you plan to do motorcycle riding in Norway, especially north of the polar circle, bring warm clothes. And warm gloves. And take Kystriksvegen. It is a remarkable experience.

The 2021 Norway Adventure

I never got around to write about it back in 2021. One reason being that It wasn’t the only long ride that year. I also went south and rode over 7.800 kilometers down to southern France and the Alps. That whole story begins here.

Gravel riding in Troms, Norway

Gravel riding in Troms July 2021. On the one day it wasn’t raining!

Now finally posts are in the works. Maybe even with some useful tips to fellow riders who plan to come to Norway for riding. We shall see about that. Meanwhile I’ve got a few posts out about riding in Norway here.

Spring is slow this year. Been riding a bit, but with temperatures between 3-10C it’s not the most tempting. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the series before warmer weather arrives. Below picture was taken today, in the morning. Fortunately that snow is all gone now.

Morning of April 19th outside Oslo, Norway

Morning April 19th, fresh snow, around 0C.

We do have excellent weather services, but even the best among meteorologist, with solid data to back things up, makes mistakes. The most used weather service is Yr. Available on both Android and iOS.

So that was it really. Back soon with more.

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