Motorcycle rides & adventures (general)

Here you find posts / series of posts  about motorcycle adventures & rides. In Norway and Scandinavia, as well as Europe. For Norway only? Try this page.

It’s all easy reading with some decent or half decent pictures. Occasionally videos too. I’m no vlogger, mostly use videos in a complementary way.  So short clips for the most part. Roads, routes and (good?) tips about accommodation (all non-sponsored) usually included as well.

MC-Adventure leg 1 done, in Landskrona

A MC-Adventure – 2016 (1), Sweden & Germany

Mentioned in the previous post, getting back on a motorcycle last year (2015) was the first time in approx 32,5 years. Doing so I had ...
Biker's log; out and about, sort of far out

Biker’s log; out and about, sort of far out

Fall has descended on Norway, but it's still not too cold to go for a ride. And as we say here, there's no such thing ...

Biker’s log; a beautiful day on the road to somewhere

The summer wasn't much to write about this year (in Norway), although statistically speaking it might very well have been around average. Not sure, but August ...