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A MC Adventure – 2016 (3), Wurzburg & bike fixing
This is part 3 of the MC adventure through Europe, starting out with a prayer, bike fixing and then a
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A MC Adventure – 2016 (2), through Germany
This is part 2 of the story of my MC Adventure, which was going to prove a little bit more eventful
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A MC-Adventure – 2016 (1), Sweden & Germany
Mentioned in the previous post, getting back on a motorcycle last year (2015) was the first time in approx 32,5
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Blogging, been ignored, but here we are again….
Blogging, and time. Or no time. Life & work life’s been demanding attention, time and energy. Got a new job
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Mild weather and parked motorcycle syndrome (PMS)
It’s been about two months now since I parked the MC. Have no room in the garage so it was sent on winter storage.
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Biker’s log; out and about, sort of far out
Fall has descended on Norway, but it’s still not too cold to go for a ride. And as we say
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Biker’s log; Four days of rain, one day of shine
It rained buckets and truckloads for actually more than four days in the old country. To the point flooding was reported
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Biker’s log; a beautiful day on the road to somewhere
The summer wasn’t much to write about this year (in Norway), although statistically speaking it might very well have been
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May 2015, a (too long?) summary
it’s been a while since I posted anything, so therefore, on this last day in May I decided it’s time.. for
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