Motorcycle related posts

Here you’ll find a chronological overview of motorcycle related posts. Like experiences regarding bikes, gears & gadgets, tyres (tires), and so forth.  For rides & adventures, see this page

Waiting reason: battered cow

Waiting in limbo for the beemer return

Waiting, a state that often brings the sense of progress to a grinding halt. Or, an Idleness that sometimes seem to consume any sense of ...
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Timmelsjoch HochAlpenStrasse July 2018

Metzeler Karoo Street updates per July 2018

Metzeler Karoo Street updates per July 2018: now after a trans-euro ride. Been an absolutely awesome adventure! Despite experiences I could have done well without ...
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Experiences with Metzeler Karoo Street

Not quite done with remarks and reflections regarding the Metzeler Karoo Street tire. Here are more reflections, mounted on Honda CRF1000L, Africa Twin. A friend ...
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Accessories: Wunderlich Water cooler protection grill

Accessories mounting day 2, the difficult part

In the previous post I wrote about the "easy" accessories mounting. April 30th it was time to focus on the harder stuff. Indeed, things are ...
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Easy mounting: motorcycle crash guard protectors

A post about fumbling, mounting, cussing and swearing

The title of this post describes pretty well mounting exercises pertaining to motorbikes, going on for the past few days. No weeks actually, I've had ...
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November 2017 - last run

Honda Transalp wake-up after 5 months of sleep

Honda Transalp XL600v is the first generation of the Transalp series. And a motorcycle that bears the recognizable hallmarks of Honda Motors very well. My ...
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Spring ride: BMW R1200GS Adventure

Spring time in Norway, bad roads and hazards

Spring time! It feels so damn good. The sun might not be directly basking down on the winter frozen inhabitants of Norway just yet. But ...
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Late spring: Honda Transalp still in its tent

Late spring arrival, “dangers” for motorcycle riders

If you live in a tempered climatic zone, with seasons, in Europe, northern Europe, America or Asia, then maybe it's familiar. Yeah I am thinking ...
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Neuschwanstein castle

MC Adventure 2016 (5) – Austrian Mountains & Alps

This is the continuation of the Euro motorcycle adventure in 2016. Something I never finished. The story, if indeed it is a story, begins here. In ...
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BMW R1200RT, definitely one of the better tourers money can buy

Extra options that can make a world of difference

We live in a world of diverse transportation options. In every vehicle group there is an equal or larger diversity of models, to suit your ...
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