Motorcycle related posts

Here you’ll find a chronological overview of motorcycle related posts. Like experiences regarding bikes, gears & gadgets, tyres (tires), and so forth.  For rides & adventures, see this page

Motorcycle accessories: smaller parts

Motorcycle accessories – preparations for the season

Motorcycle accessories are for many, or most riders, both a necessity and a must. Seldom a bike comes with all you need/want, new or old.  ...
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2021 season with an Austrian Orange

The 2021 season – return to a passion

The 2021 (motorcycle) season is still months away (here). Many look forward to spring. Forward to, hopefully, some normality. How normal the year of 2021 ...
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Before fate intervened: along Seljordsvatn (Seljord lake)

Fate and fatalities, early end of a summer season

Fate is, well for the most part, and for the most of us, unknown. Until it's the present or, as one sometimes look forward to, ...
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Shit happens, the beemer wouldn't strart

Shit happens, sometimes in the right places

Shit happens, sometimes in the right places. This is (also) a truth and, as it were, a truth I much prefer when shit does happen ...
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The human ear

Hearing protection, loss of hearing or Tinnitus

Hearing protection is a must if you're riding a motorcycle. The consequences of no or poor protection can be serious and long, or life lasting ...
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Air filters: BMW R1200GSA Air filter, 7600km.

Air filters – all that glitters is not gold

Air filters do a very crucial job, that's a no-brainer. You don't need deep insight to realize the air filtration system also require frequent attention ...
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BMW S1000XR HP 2019

2019 BMW S1000XR, a rocket ship with wheels

2019 BMW S1000XR model is an awesome machine. A rocket ship on two wheels. In the hands of the not too experienced maybe even a ...
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Consuming: A set of cylinder guards for the BMW R1200GS Adventure

Reminiscing & consuming, a fools tale

Reminiscing & consuming.   A few days ago a friend shared some links to prog rock music not heard in ages. That sent me into a ...
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Modern brittle design

Modern engineering, not meant to last?

Modern engineering might be clever, but often not solid. Modern engineering is about cost efficiency, to save material or allow use of cheap material. The ...
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Months of waiting: here the ebuilt R1200GS Adventure

Months of waiting, but soon over

Months of waiting is soon over. Later half of February I was briefly "reunited" with my bike. I'd not seen it since I left it ...
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