MC Season over, Saturday procrastination & spring pics

Last Updated on: November 7, 2021

MC season is over. Meant to finish the next (and last) blog about my summer Adventure in Europe, but ended up going back to the beginning of the MC Season instead. Because of Faint PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) maybe?

Not unlikely,  though its just been two weeks since I parked the bike.

How will I survive winter! No it’ll be fine, but half the day vaporized due to procrastination. Suppose this might be familiar to, if not all, then at least many of us.

MC Season images

Of which there’s been an awful lot taken this year. When you’re out riding about, and the weather is good, motives exists in plenty. Sometimes it is tough though, to stop, get off take off gloves and gear, just to take a picture. Looking back am glad I’ve done it as many times.

MC Season pic 1: A ride into town

May 1st, a ride into Oslo with my previous bike, a BMW R1150RT 2003 model. People marching in the back. Some of us chose to ride instead 🙂

Lots of people showed up, this is the main assembly spot for MC’ers in the Oslo region.

It’s what I tell myself, the “ordeal” will be rewarded one day. This is actually a valuable reminder, for it applies in so many ways.  Today while looking at my pretty large collection of MC Trip pics I certainly am glad for all the stops!

MC Season pics trips May – June

Some maybe not posted before. I managed to ride the old RT a a couple of thousand kilometers before I traded it in for the newer R1200RT.

Note: the Gallery function works seems to conflict a little with Lightbox. So when clicking a thumbnail below give it 3-5 seconds to open to full screen.  Use keyboard arrows to navigate or run auto slider. Close with ESC or top right hand corner. OK?

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